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Book Review: Private Delhi by Ashwin Sangh and James Patterson

Title: Private Delhi Author(s): Ashwin Sanghi, James Patterson Publisher: Penguin Random House, UK Number of Pages: 383 Genre: Fiction/Thriller Review: After reading Private India, I was eager to read Santosh Wagh's and Jack Morgan's next, Private Delhi . When the two master thriller writers, Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson join hands together to write, then it's almost impossible that the book will not be an exciting read. The book which is sequel to Private India revolves around Santosh Wagh's next spine chilling case which involves government as well. People are getting murdered gruesomely and with the higher authorities involved, the information which is needed is hard to decipher. With this, How the cop who was once the head of Private India, Santosh Wagh, will find the criminal? The story begins with a gruesome murder with human remains being found in the basement of a house the posh area of South Delhi. The suspicion and real th

Book Review - My 6/10 Rule of Happiness by Dr. Lalit Adesh

Title: My 6/10 Rule of Happiness: How to Get Happiness in life by unlocking this Little Emotional secret of living and positive thinking Author: Dr. Lalit Kumar Number of Pages: 51 Edition: Available in Kindle Edition  Genre: Non Fiction/Self Help Book Review: I would start off with the title of the book which is self explanatory. The author has penned the book wonderfully in a language which is easy to read and understand.  Being short in length, it took me around forty five minutes to read the book. I am not that much fan of reading on the screen as it tires off my eyes but still the book seemed a good read. Going by the book, the author has elaborated the life of modern human beings in a simplistic manner. The way we all are engrossed in our work so as to meet the deadlines,  complete the work assigned etc. that we forget the other important aspects of life like spending time with the family, friends, taking care of your health, reducin

The poem I penned!

Running from own shadow Scraping to reveal the lesion Sometimes fast, sometimes slow Tired of this adhesion The scar left behind No sorrow or pity I am not blind And you're not so witty Bruised are the skies Pouring down the anger Seen the lows and the highs Light's turned green from amber Drop down the beat See your heart stop Turning up the heat It ain't gonna flop Take my hand in yours It might help you mend  The long broken doors Just read the poem I penned! Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

Let the pain subside!

Beyond the horizons, Under the sea bed Hidden I sit Where no one would see! Smiled in the joy Cried in agony Framed it all up When nothing was in sight The touch of life And the kiss of death At par I stand still Experiencing the two Felt sometimes like a hairline Sometimes felt the opposite Longing for the surprises Simply allowing to creep in  Turned up or escaped sometimes But faced it all every time Sooner or later I tried And saw the pain subside! Click here to read Tell the reason why?