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So, want to be friends?

Friendship, a word which breathes out trust, loyalty, most importantly a sense of understanding. Nowadays, these factors have lost a charm in most of the cases. The only aspect today is being busy in whatever you are doing while neglecting people around yourself. The busy working schedule is to be the most rife reason. Busy on Facebook, busy on Twitter, busy writing a blog, busy writing a book! Lots and lots of these type of reasons you would hear from your friends. It happens with me too. Here comes the point of understanding as how much understanding you are with you your friend. How much personal space is needed by your friend. Would you be able to give that much space to your friend? Here kicks in another question. Is your friend of the same gender or opposite gender? Seriously speaking, I guess that there is a hype of being a girl and a boy can't be friends. Okay sorry to say it incompletely. A girl and boy can't be friends forever! Well it's like the c

#NetNeutrality: A necessary devil

We all are well aware about one of the most trending topics of the year 2015. The Net Neutrality. Basically, what it means is that we can browse all websites with equal rights. The best thing for us, we would not be paying even a penny extra for that. But, if it is opposed to that, then we might have to pay extra for using Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Viber and so on and so forth! Also, there would be much more needed competition among the companies as well.  Let's check out some factors which I consider hold true: 1) Habits are the roots: If we look closely, people who want to use the apps/websites, will have to pay for the respective services and as habit is there, they will pay. For others, they would boycott the packages leaving both the companies viz. the telecom operator as well as the site/mobile app which they want to use. Now there are two possible solutions to this problem. Either You have to change your habit of not using the website/mobile app or there

A timeless night!

Memories galore Seldom I filter More I pour I bewilder The countless hours Those endless minutes Your sumptuous powers Drawing me out of limits Come closer, will you ? Embracing your heat No more I can eschew As our lips meet Amidst the loudest night Listening to the silence Can't resist you out of sight This night is priceless! Looking in your eyes There is no fight I would not have to prise Stay wiith me in this timeless night!  Image Source

Till my soul is left to die!

Burning drop by drop The flame flickers within Sands of time couldn't stop Neither a blessing, nor a sin Counting the endless hours Waiting to be torn apart Devoid of my powers Wondering, where did it all start? Wrath of the heavens Taketh upon me I wait like a heathen How hard could it be? Like an empty soul Beyond sanity Not less than a hole Wearing a shroud of vanity At the verge to be hanged I say the truth, not the lie Don't separate time from sand Till my soul is also left to die! Click here to read Burning in silence! Image source