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#DigitalIndia, a mere illusion or a reality?

Post Independence, India has seen many revolutions in every industry segment. The inception of globalization enhanced the probability further of connecting India with the entire world and placing India among the rapidly developing nations. With the advent of Social Media since past 10+ years, staying connected digitally is becoming a need after all as far as today's times are concerned. The Benefits: The benefits can be categorized according to different areas of a person's life. At personal level, he/she can stay connected to their friends and family members no matter wherever he or she goes in the world. At other point, many people have found their life partners through social media as well. For HR professionals, it has become a lot easier to stay connected with the potential as well as existing employees revolutionizing the job industry as well. Moreover, they can very well filter out the employees based on right skills needed for the job at hand. One can be fully a

Burning in Silence!

Crossing the paths Losing the wings When the heaven laughs And the beautiful fairy sings Fighting with the riot Erupting deep within Still staying quiet How painful it has been Like a creepy worm Crawling in my skin Fueling the inside storm Committing another sin Nowadays, it's getting so rife Losing the tolerance And the true meaning of life Slowly burning in silence With lot of grief, I cry Leeching the fruit's heap Till you suck them dry In hell you shall reap! Click here to read She has the power

Come on, go ahead, #Start a new life!

It's difficult for most of us to #StartANewLife . Some of us take the bold step and some stay back pondering over what people would say. Believe me, the biggest problem with most of us is that we care about what people would say and we hold ourselves back from doing what we want to actually do. Below is a verse I would like to share with you all: Leave behind what is rife Everyone goes there and melts You deserve to be somewhere else Come on, go ahead, Start a new life! I remember when I was applying to an internship in a reputed company during the days when I was doing my MBA where the interviewer asked me several questions the answers to which were like alien to me. I sat there absolutely dumbfounded. The interviewer was like "I am not impressed with the interview at all!" Also, he told me after every unanswered question "You should be knowing this", "you should be aware about this". I sat there observing the interviewer panel and

Life lets you look down, you have to look up!

Often , we are let down many times in life. This happens with most of us as we see the things with negative frame of mind and something's which is deeply imbibed in us since the very younger days of our life also play a crucial role in this thinking. For example, I have seen many instances when people, including my relatives telling me that I won't be able to do this or do that. Today, I would be sharing a moment of my life which inspired me to keep going on.   Around three years back in April 2012, I decided to start a book as I was very much excited about writing and to be honest, I was not at all aware about how the publishing industry actually worked. Keeping everything aside, I started off with my book which was a romantic fiction. I decided to go with the genre as it was most trending one. Alongside, I started with a blog as well. All was in an experimentation phase and I was not at all aware about what I was doing and why I was doing.  I jotted down whatever c