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Sometimes, you have to start from the beginning!

Note: This part is in continuation. Please read first part, Why fear your own shadow? and second part, Dim Haze of Mystery   and the third part Bringing Back The Broken Pieces Together before reading this part.   "What do you mean, ACP? I killed my father?" Aaliyah snorted. The sudden outburst of events had already taken a toll on her. Shrikant was unperturbed. He had seen many criminals like this before. He knew this one was a gimmick as well. For him the more innocent the criminal seems to be, more suspicion he had on him or her. This one was the similar one. "Is that not right that you studied literature and creative writing at the University of Manchester?" Shrikant asked as he gulped down the last sip of coffee. "Also, is that not right that you wrote a screenplay during the course of which this is the part?" He pointed her attention towards the verse written on the mirror in the picture: Neither a crony, nor the enemy But stil

Bringing Back the Broken Pieces Together

Note: This part is in continuation. Please read first part, Why fear your own shadow? and second part, Dim Haze of Mystery before reading this part. Shrikant laid back on his chair as he pondered over all the recent series of events. It was already eleven-thirty in the night. Jadhav was about to join him in few minutes. He poured himself some neat scotch, whatever it was, something is not right, something is not right at all. He was taken aback by a presentiment. He was looking for a missing link in the case. He heard the doorbell. He went on swiftly to open the door. His movement was so brusque that he pushed off the glass off the shelf. Jadhav entered the lobby of his home. "Come in, come in." Shrikant indicated him as he walked back into the kitchen. "Is everything all right, sir?"Jadhav re-confirmed. "Yeah, yeah, want some scotch?" Shrikant was belligerent. Jadhav sensed it. He hasn't seen the iron of a man melt like this sinc

The WASH initiative: A move India needs

Safe drinking water and Sanitation is required by all. But unfortunately, millions are affected in our country because they lack in access to these facilities. With new initiatives launched by our Prime Minister, Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM), the WASH Program by Coca-Cola in association with TERI University is targeted towards providing access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation facilities. Safe water and proper Sanitation are the basic facilities providing both tangible and intangible benefits to human health and society as a whole - some of which are easily identifiable and quantifiable in terms of cost and time while others provide intangible benefits like convenience, well-being, dignity, privacy and safety. Sanitation ensures prevention from a range of health and environment related problems. This can lead to sickness on a whole restricting access to earn a living or gain an education. Without proper sanitation facilities, people, especially who o

Faster is always better: Get Airtel 4G

It gets very irritating when you want to send a message to a friend, send an e-mail to client or to download a song and you get the download speed in small chunks. It feels like you are eating the dinner left over by someone else. But fortunately, this problem has been solved by Airtel Network by launching 4G services in India. I am so excited to use the 4G services by my favorite network.  I use to travel to office. During this travel time, I get a lot of ideas to write about. As a blogger myself, I am tempted to jot down the idea, publish it on my blog. But only thing was the availability of the internet with speed which would be in pace with my ideas. Fortunately, this has been made simple by Airtel 4G service.  It has been so much relaxing for me on hearing this news. Now I would be able to browse faster, upload and download faster, write and publish blog posts, publish posts to my blog on the go! I have my Airtel in every service when it comes to choosing a telecom

Portfolio with Good Returns: The New India Portfolio by FundsIndia

Making investment decisions was never an easy task for me. Putting money into anything without thinking about the returns is a daunting task. Moreover, as an investor I have to be careful about the risks involved, too. Since 2014, several big changes have been seen in the Indian economy. It is venturing towards growth as also supported by financial institutions as well with them predicting a significant increase in GDP in the coming years. The Central Bank (Reserve Bank of India) cutting down the repo rate for three times to 7.25 this year. This has resulted in cheaper home and auto loans. This in turn promises a firm foot towards growth of the Indian economy. Also, the government introduced one of the largest national programs, Make in India in order to transform India into global manufacturing hub. With so many initiatives, Indian economy is surely progressing towards growth . Considering some of the factors and new reforms being introduced, I would like to ma

Dim Haze of Mystery

Note: This part is in continuation. Please read first part Why fear your own shadow? before reading this part. Vivaan's case, being a sensational one, was a top story in the news. It required the top cop to solve the mystery. That top cop could be no other than ACP Shrikant. ACP Shrikant had been in service for about ten years. He had solved toughest of the murder mysteries which were regarded as to be reached a dead end. Shrikant had sturdy, muscular built. He had been promoted in his early years to the position because of his swotting attitude and impressive track record. However, this case was not as simple as it seemed to be.  Come out of your cubbyhole, you moron.   ACP Shrikant sat on his chair analyzing the case. The cup of black coffee lay at one of the edges of the table since last about fifteen minutes. After reviewing the file, he banged it on the table. When this will be solved? I am tired of this all. All suspects are proved innocent. Who killed Vivaan

Why fear your own shadow?

The day started well with beautiful sun spreading its bright rays. Despite the hot sun, the weather was pleasant as it was marked by a zephyr in irregular intervals. Aaliyah was relaxing the sunlight in the lawn of her house. She was in her twenties. Aaliyah had a lean but curvaceous body with sharp facial features. She wore a maroon-white robe with gilded border that comfortably housed her lean frame. She sat there sipping the hot coffee she just prepared. It helped her soothe the sporadic headaches she was suffering since few hours. Vivaan, who was Aaliyah's fiance had been murdered a week back. The incident that gave sleepless nights to Aaliyah. She was also in the list of suspects as it was believed that she had tryst with some one the night before Vivaan was brutally killed, something which was completely denied by her. The ghastly incident took a toll on her mind. She could still remember how she saw the deceased Vivaan for the last time. Her father dissuaded her

Need for Speed: Airtel 4G, Now a Tweet Away

Recently I got news about Airtel's 4G being introduced in the Indian Market. I was instantly thrilled to check out the options of getting the 4G services. I came across a very unique delivery service which they were offering. We have become so much dependent on Internet these days. There is a need for speed when it comes to experiencing internet in order to meet our increasing demands. That's where Airtel 4G kicks in,  that too at the right place at the right time. The unique thing about it is that it is just a tweet away. Yes, that's absolutely the truth. You just need to tweet using the hash tag #GetAirtel4G. Airtel offers a quick 4G SIM delivery at your doorstep, that too for free!  So what are you waiting for? If you have a 4G handset, all you have to do is to tweet using the hash tag #GetAirtel4G, you will get a reply from @AirtelIndia Twitter Handle which will direct you to the link to fill in your details for the delivery of the SIM.

Too many lies, too much bondage

Feeling proud of demeanor Hiding the real fervor Too many lies, too much bondage You keep following this adage! Look inside or look outside Or even look at either side The night has fallen apart Day is waiting to start Staying in deep silence Prone to the resilience Attracted to the temptations Held back due to hesitations Hope to get a helping hand Support you till you mend The wait driving you insane Slowly burning out the flame Enclosing yourself from within What's the use of this way of livin'? Doors bolted in your head one by one But wait, it's still not done! Ignoring your instincts, nevertheless Creating a mess Too many lies, too much bondage You keep following this adage!