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The untold!

This is the final part of the story. I recommend you all to read the first part Hidden Lies! . The second part The prey! , the third part Chosen one! before continuing to this one. After a deep thought, Harsh recalled the place where the head of the tribe lived. He had been there with his father when he was quite young. Anuja had gained consciousness after numerous attempts by Harsh. Screaming Simran's name after she woke up was something that Harsh expected. He tried hard to console her cries, but tears that rolled down her cheeks were incessant. Harsh knew his destination, but the path was unknown. So he decided to follow the tribesmen, maintaining his distance in such a manner that they were unperturbed by his presence. Anuja also wanted to come along with Harsh but he convinced her somehow to stay there. For safety purposes, he left a revolver, an automatic one with her. That was enough to protect her from the wild. Although she was a woman, but being a wife of a Rajpu

Chosen one!

This part is the third part of the story. I recommend all of you to read the first part Hidden lies! and then the second part The prey! before continuing to this part. Deep within the forest, located at a distance of about ten kilometers outside the city, stood Harsh. Anuja, even after facing reluctance from Harsh of not accompanying him, she did. Harsh was trying hard to reach to the exact location where he saw the mutilated corpse in his dream last night. Fortunately, it didn't take a lot of time to reach their destination. Anuja was searching for Simran rabidly. She ran from tree to tree, searched meticulously hoping to find any hint of her presence there, but of no avail. Tired, with no more energy, she looked at Harsh with narrowed eyes. He also seemed worn out in his trial to find his only daughter. "It's your entire fault!" bellowed Anuja. Harsh looked at lame Anuja with raised eyebrows. "What have I done now?" he inquired, his voice rais

The prey!

This part is in continuation of the previous post. I recommend to read that part first before continuing to read this part. The previous part can be read here----> Hidden lies! In the midst of night when the entire city was engaged in deep sleep, Harsh with his two men left for the forest. Hunting was considered a feast for royal clan. Same was the case with Harsh. It was in his blood. After spending around a decade, living in highly populated cities, he couldn't allow the rust to corrode his joints. Whenever he got a chance to fulfill his most desirable hobby, he would not listen to anyone. The darkness was at its peak. The only hope was some light coming from the moon that shone above had been already overshadowed by the arboretum of surrounding huge oak trees. The galloping sound echoed all over the forest waking up the sleeping trees. He was the master of the game. Even though he returned after so long time, still he knew where to hunt for the prey. Leading the gr

Hidden lies!

It was early January in the year 1990 in the city of Simla. The chilly winds hovered around freely, probably because of the snowfall in the northern hemisphere that took over the new year celebrations. Due to heavy rainfall the normal day to day operations came to a gradual halt. In the heart of the city, stood an edifice not that traditional ones found in the hilly areas like Simla, but somewhat similar to the one found in the plains.  Harshvardhan Thakur, an impeccable man who always performed his duties discreetly. He led a life with greatest honor that never caused him to turn his head down in front of anybody. But with power and money like he had, creating a school of  life threatening enemies was obvious. But he always played his cards with utmost caution. He had his moves planned in a manner that overtook his enemies most deadly schemes. But as said but seldom believed, every powerful man has some weakness. The weakness which is often unknown to all except the possessed

The unknown shadow!

Image Source: here Looking in the mirror so close I see a reflection of the unknown Leave me wondering always Whether I am awake or in a doze Like the moon eclipses the sun It takes upon me when I am weak Slowly transforming me to a state That of a devil or some god in heaven Losing control is the main factor That takes away the natural prowess Within me lives someone I guess Willing to come up from hideout as a benefactor    Persevering to this bizarre chain of events I fear of losing the one I have most important Sometimes I feel dejected, sometimes depraved But this unknown shadow of a stranger prevents! Click here to read Drifting apart!  

The pact!

With nothing left by my side I surrender the fate of mine to you The mistake I made to trust thou Is hurting me hard from inside  The fear always kept me pushing Getting lost without you in this cruel world Something never even close to a dream that whirled The cells deep in my heart always keep crushing What happened I don't know? Neither can I contemplate the reason Which led you or me to commit to this treason? Only a right path to sort this out is I want you to show What I surmised has turned out to be a fact Like a bullet I have strayed from time to time The strings that are attached need to be in a rhyme I have done it, now it's your choice to sign or not to sign the pact!

Stay Honest!

*For better resolution, click on the image. Image Credit: Chris Willis Honesty is a trait which is very hard to find. The first step towards achieving it is to try to be honest to yourself, the next step will follow. ~Saurabh Chawla~

The unknown warrior! 3 The final odyssey!

This part is the final part of the story The unknown warrior. The first part can be read by clicking  here. The second part can be found  here. I request you all to read the first two parts before continuing to the third part.  A wave of curiosity mixed with fear took over on the face of Pratap.  He was already trying hard to trust his instincts of that call being a hoax, but all his efforts were in vain. He didn't want to take any chances. Any small mistake could lead to havoc.  He directed Raman to bring Yusuf in. Raman had already called Yusuf for the meeting, but he got bit late as he was offering Namaz at a nearby mosque. It was the month of Ramadan. Pratap was preoccupied with the memories of the call trying to decipher the message. Vibhishana helped Ram kill Raavan in Ramayana. That means... He was about to solve the puzzle when he heard a knock at the door. Yusuf was standing out waiting for the permission from Pratap to come in. "March in !" He ordere

The unknown warrior! 2

This part is continued from the previous part  The unknown warrior! 1 . Do read the first part before reading the second. As the dawn took over the next day, the city was under a dead silence. One could hear the growling of the dogs that pierced through the wind. Raman was seated on a wooden bench. The night was achingly hard to pass. The final few hours were difficult to control the sleep which overtook him in the wee hours. It lasted a few minutes though. Someone patted his back. He heard someone calling his name. The intention was to keep him alert in the hour of need. He opened his eyes to his sudden astonishment. Pratap was standing in front of him.  “It’s Time to wake up!” His voice was loud and clear. After removing the cloud of dream from his thought, Raman stood up. "Yes sir!" he said saluting firmly. "What is the status about the report I asked you last evening Raman?" asked Pratap. The reply was in

The unknown warrior! 1

The clock struck nine and the sky burst with confetti which blanketed the city. All around, there was aching darkness overhauling the gleaming street lights. The spine chilling wind paved its way across the street only to man staring hard at a statue. With his trembling limbs, he tried to reach out to the head of a baby who was in the grasp of a beautiful lady. The statue stood erect amidst of the street. A sudden shriek stopped him there only. A young man, about half his age, was shouting at the top of his voice. The shriek was enough to blow some one's eardrums off. And he was an old man! "Don't you understand that you are not allowed to touch the statue?" He shouted again. He was the mere Sepoy in charge of the locality. He was not at fault. He had the orders to protect any civilians. He was doing his duty. This time he was standing very close to the old man. The snowfall had already taken any warmth left from the limp body. With a lousy stare, he retired.