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How parents can help to develop their child's future

Acting as a super kid, a 14-year-old committed suicide recently. It followed by another death of a 16 year old girl. The only reason that led to their extreme step was a mere failure to surpass the expectations. The education system in India is the culprit or the parents? Frankly speaking, both of them are equally responsible for the loss of innocent as well as capable lives. The education system, however affects the life at a later stage. The conditioning is done in the home by the parents. The early childhood education imparted by the parents can play an important role in shaping up a child's future. Here are the things which parents and education system can do to give the best of the education to the kids:     Parents:    1) Teach the Children - How to be Fearless: Fear can be of anything. Fear is a natural phenomenon. The most dreadful of the fears is experienced by small children. A lot many times, parents play an important role in passing on the fear to th

How experience teaches some of the important lessons in life.

Many a times, people see themselves fail. Even after knowing some strategy they had put into their project is the best, they still fail. Some people know that they will succeed if they follow this strategy and will not succeed if they follow that strategy. The former ones play a speculative game while the latter ones have already played their speculative games and know what will work and what will not. Experience, if one follows from the meaning of the word, it means   'practical contact with and observation of facts or events.'   It comes from exploring the things around. Consider a scenario of a child and an adult. If we give both of them a burning match stick, the probability of the child getting his hand burnt is much higher than that of the adult. The reason, experience. An adult already knows that the burning match stick will burn his hand while the child experienced it. So the next time if a burning match stick is given to the child, he/she will know that it's go

4 reasons you will not get that dream job

We all wonder at some point of our life that what I missed when you didn't get that dream job/contract of yours. Well many a times it may be your fault that fail you to make that impression and other times its sheer bad luck of yours. I, personally believe that bad luck could be one of the factors but in very rare chances. In all other cases some other factors contribute in this failure to acquire that job/contract. The thing is not to get sad to curse your life for that one failed. The reason I am saying this is that your life comprises of several thousand or even million events and one may succeed at very less of them. Your life doesn't depend on a single event in life. Though on pondering the past memories may haunt  you and would make you cry out loud on stupid actions or reactions you made that time but at that point of time, just think about this, I would recommend you to say it loud in your head, "I wouldn't have been what I am today if I would haven

4 Years of Soulful Journey

Some things are gifted, others are created. If it's a blend of the two, something innovative is born out of nothing. The year was 2012 when something was born out of nothing in me. A fight with my inner self to do something of the emotions that are boiling inside. The commotion, the love, the depression and the happy feeling all mixed up inside with no path to escape. Bound by the locked doors bolted for long. The beliefs that had been long formed since the birth led to a disaster in the thinking process. The struggle started by challenging everything that stood by my side. The beliefs, the thoughts, the insanity that took over me with a sudden flow of energy. This energy was so powerful that could literally blast me off my feet into the sky above, never to return. Every time the days passed, the urge to channel this powerful boost of energy grew. Breaking the bolted doors in my mind, releasing me into the free zone became the need of the hour. Who doesn't want t

Do these to achieve anything you want

You might have come across things which you feel were easy to do but as you jumped into doing them, you might have got lost in the middle or you might have left it at all. But instead of leaving it, sit back and give it a thought: "Where I am lacking? What I should be doing and what I should NOT be doing?" Ask yourself continuously till you get an answer. That's not all. Below I will share few things which are very much essential for getting anything you want in life. 1) Prioritize your life First things first. We all have some basic necessities which we need in our day to day life. These things are our priority in buying first after we go for a monthly shopping routine. Our priority is buying hoe things first. It is that simple. Make the thing necessary which you want. All things will automatically fall into place. 2) Act as if you have achieved it It may sound ridiculous, but actually it works. Our brains are hard wired and soft wired with certain things.

Confessions Galore

Taking the pen in hand Running hard on the sand Shouting loud or staying quiet Fighting with the inner riot Crossing the ways Even the heathen prays As it was meant to be Even blind could see Being born older Can't be much colder Laying me to waste Long enough I've chased Tired now of walking Enough of the stalking I want to settle down Before I drown Down the memories, confessions galore Of the blessed and of the wronged Sometimes rare or sometimes rife Till death takes away the life Click here to read Scarred