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How to turn your failure into your success? (Infographic)

Why do people fail? In everybody's life, failure knocks door at least once. There is noting one can do to avoid it from happening. Be it studies, sports or business. Well if one cannot do anything about it, one surely can turn that failure into their opportunity for success. You might be wondering, how I am going to do this? To understand it, let's understand why people fail first. We list below  few factors  which can lead to one's failure with steps on how one can change the failure to their success : 1. People take a wrong path: By wrong path, it's not the wrong path in reaching their destination, but the destination itself. We often see people choosing wrong career paths, wrong goals, making wrong choices only to regret later on. Solution:   Instead of regretting, people should try to analyze their path. They should try different things which they love to find out their strengths and weaknesses. Then choose the one which they love the most. 2. Peop

Cry, will you?

Broken down to pieces Collecting them up A pain that ceases Come, take a closeup The musical symphony Played by my heart Come, listen to the cacophony Of which, you were once a part All the little confusions Scornful misunderstanding Caused large protrusions Now, I bring them to landing Are you listening to this sound? Do you hear the beat? You left them for me to hound* All was done by a cheat! Two paths, I choose the latter I can feel my spine shiver Keep listening to this patter And just cry me a river...

6 ways to be more consistent

Does consistency always hold you back? Whenever you try to do something new, after some time you get burned out and it is not exciting anymore? Then you are a victim of lack of consistency. What ever you are trying to achieve, the following 5 things will surely help you out: 1. Do less, keep  on improving: One thing with most of us is that we get excited to do something new, we jump into it and want to do that in one single day. Which is almost next to impossible. Instead of jumping into it, start with small steps. do bit daily and keep on improving day by day. For example, if you intend to go for 100 push ups, you can't go for a 100 in a single day. Start by doing the least some push ups, no matter you do only 1. Just do less and keep on incrementing slowly. When you look at people who are successful, you will find that they aren't the people who are motivated, but have consistency in their motivation.                                                         -Ars

This will change your view about empowerment

Empowerment, such a complicated word (we have assumed it so) but with a very simple meaning. But the problem is that we are making it more complicated without even realizing it. What is empowerment according to you all? As per, it has the following definition: 1) To give power or authority to, authorize especially by legal or official means. 2) To enable or to permit. Out of the above two meanings, first one is very limited. You need other qualifications, or I must say you may need an extra edge to get that level of authority. Moreover it is limited to only few of us. Now coming to the second meaning i.e.  to enable or to let. This is something we all own but only some of harness to its full potential. Lots and lots of empowerment related laws are there and lots have been made but don't you think that making a law is not enough? Until and Unless people don't know that what they are capable of, the empowerment concept is useless. Now comes how p

Unknown sinfulness...

Turning away The pages That sway Since ages Ever thought? The deeds Never fought Growing needs Hiding shadows Dimming light Glowing meadows Hang tight Dripping flame During dawn Never same Colored fawn Love, lust Everything lost Wary disgust Sunk cost* Burned, bruised Deep repugnance Wrongly accused Unknown sinfulness * Sunk Cost: In economics and business decision-making, a sunk cost is a cost that has already been incurred and cannot be recovered. Click here to read State of Busyness  

Move On... #QuoteOfTheDay #WorthSharing #Motivation Posted by Saurabh's Lounge on  Tuesday, June 23, 2015 *For better resolution, click on the image!  How many times you have managed to move on despite a lot of problems? Do share your stories below.