Aug 29, 2014

I wish this night stayed....

Saurabh Chawla |

couple under the night sky

Cold breeze grazing my feet
Maybe it's an act so folly
But my heart skipped a beat
Surrounded by sheer melancholy

Your whispers echoing in my ears
Its difficult to see with
Eyes welling up with tears
Heart aching in writhe

Winds changed the direction again
Waiting for this since quite long
No more I can abstain
Come let's dance to the song

Beneath the open sky
Beside you I laid
Now don't say bye
I wish this night stayed...

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  1. Love and craving..
    Very nicely portrayed...
    Sometime, I also wish also wish that time freeze!

    1. Yes. there comes a time when we feel like that time should nevr pass! Thanks a lot for reading :)

  2. Cold breeze grazing my feet............
    Now don't say bye
    I wish this night stayed....................

    what lovely lines. We want our beautiful moment to hold in our fists forever. But Alas! time slips away quickly.


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