Jul 26, 2017

The poem I penned!

Saurabh Chawla |
emergence from the clouds

Running from own shadow
Scraping to reveal the lesion
Sometimes fast, sometimes slow
Tired of this adhesion

The scar left behind
No sorrow or pity
I am not blind
And you're not so witty

Bruised are the skies
Pouring down the anger
Seen the lows and the highs
Light's turned green from amber

Drop down the beat
See your heart stop
Turning up the heat
It ain't gonna flop

Take my hand in yours
It might help you mend 
The long broken doors
Just read the poem I penned!


  1. This is a different side of you, after all the inspiring lessons 😊

  2. Lovely poem! "Bruised are the skies
    Pouring down the anger"—love these lines.

  3. It might help u mend !
    Beautiful version !

  4. Amazing poem, i have your blog on my bookmark list to see what you keep writing. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to your next poem.


Your comments are priceless!

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