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Versatile Is The Word.....:)

versatile blogger award saurabh chawla

I never thought about this when I started blogging a month back that I will be able to win this title. I thank the one who has seen something in my not so popular one month old blog.

I would like to tell that I am obliged and feel honored; it feels like I have touched the sky. It’s a special day that I got this award 'The Versatile Blogger'. I feel privileged and would like to say thanks to Cynthia for giving me this award. I just started writing for experimenting only but I didn't know that I would bag this opportunity and will get listed among the versatile ones.

Coming to the list of versatile bloggers which I liked, though my experience in writing is nothing in front of them, but still sticking to the rules ...........It goes

Cynthia Vincent >>

Nabanita Dhar >>

C. Suresh >>

Saru Singhal >>  

Namrata Mahalingam >>

Joshi Daniel >>

Jasmeet Kukreja >>

Bhavana  >>

Sarabjeet Singh >>

Shreya >>

Here are the rules that you will have to follow.

•Nominate 10-15 fellow bloggers
 •Inform the bloggers of their nomination
 •Share 7 random things about yourself
 •Thank the blogger who nominated you (with blog link)
 •Add the Versatile Blogger Award Pic on your blog post
 I have nominated the versatile bloggers (which I felt). :)
7 things about me, it’s a tough one, but will try to list them.

1. I seriously don't like studying.......
2. I like to read mysteries rather than love stories, though I write about them
3. I believe that I am a good bathroom singer.
4. I love troubleshooting when it comes to computers.
5. I want everything to be organized and clean though I found it difficult always.
6. I try to give my 100% to anything that comes my way.
7. I prefer to reach somewhere on time or before rather than keeping someone waiting.

 Finally I would like to thank Cynthia ( again for giving me such an award and still I am wondering that whether I deserved it or not.............. :D Thanks a lot again, you have motivated me to the peak and I am obliged, Thanks again for the appreciation.


  1. Congrats and Thanks, Saurabh! Btw, Hv you informed your nominees? By Indimail or comments on their blog?

    1. yeah I have done through coments on their posts :)

  2. congos....!! kp spiling out your fragrant thots.... njoy readng dm ...!!!

  3. A big congratulations for receiving the award and thanks a ton for nominating me. Even I love reading mysteries.

    1. Try Nora Roberts if you haven't. She is one of the best selling authors of US. She writes ahead of times in terms of technique. Her 'Innocent in Death' is exceptional work. In India, you will get her novels in thrift/at roadside for INR 50. Try it out...:)

    2. surely will try..thanks for telling till now I have read Sherlock Holmes and Sidney Sheldon :)

  4. Congratulations Saurabh :)

    Thank you so much for picking me for this award :) I am really honored :)

  5. Thank you saurabh. And to clear out your confusion on why i chose you, I would like to tell you that within a month since you started blogging there are a lot of things that u have written on. Hence i felt you were versatile and you deserve this. Keep blogging

  6. Thanku so much Saurabh...and congratulations to you too...

    keep scribbling...GOD bless u... :)

  7. Thank you Saurabh!!! I am honoured!!! Both for the award as well as being in such good company:) you are good at troubleshooting with computers, huh? well, well..I will remember because I often go crazy with technical problems (sorry, I am an utilitarian..awfully selfish)
    Thanks friend for the tag and the award!

    1. whoa!! ....Thanks :) and congrats once again too :)

  8. Congratulations Saurabh!! your have an interesting blog


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