Apr 24, 2012

When She Came Along

Saurabh Chawla |

I was walking alone
In the starry night 
The wind had blown

I was feeling so blue
With no one around
Feelings just grew

I heard a sweet voice 
From the shadows behind
I had no other choice

I looked for it around
Under the moonlit night
But nothing I found

I kept rambling alone 
Lost in the night
The feeling had grown

I heard my name
It was so clear
I surmised it as a game

I heard it again
It came very close
Soothed my pain

I looked for it around
In the magnificent night
A shadow I found

When she came along
I felt I was moonstruck 
Her aura was so strong

She looked me in the eye
She was looking so deeply
I let out a sigh

Grabbing my hand from the side
She turned herself  around
She forced me to stride

When she came along
I felt I was flipped out
My heart was singing a song

Under the starry night
Me were striding so fast
My musings having a fight

The time was moving away
We were lost in the night
I can't believe she was a fay

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