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Fun Has Just Started...Isn't It?

Internet, if you closely look onto the words, inter and net meaning (in technical terms not to go just hay wired) inside the complex huge network which can be as complex as a singer playing football game, that too world cup.

It has been revolutionized over the years and  from servers it came down to Personal computers and down to laptops and then to mobile phones. Internet is fun, in fact it was from day it was launched, although we humans realized it bit late (so slow na?).
Well I would like to take you to the journey how mobile internet has become a fun for today, you can play with it, you can even leave it, but it will be at your side always. I remember the  Enrique Iglesias song -Escape (you can run , you can hide, but you cannot escape my love) ringing in my ears. :) Same is the case with mobile internet. Alright, alright I will not bore you to the brim. 

Let's start a story, a short one, you won't get bored, neither you will get excited, I promise. Read on......

Once upon a time (a long time ago) in the 18th century, a girl loved a boy but because of her tyrant father, was afraid to tell him. He also loved her but all in vain. One day she decided to tell him as her father was trying to get her married to other guy in town (sounds cruel na?, well wo time hi kuch aisa tha kya kahen ab?). She tied a love letter on her pigeon's feet (kabootar literally) to be delivered to her lover who lived far off ( once he visited her village aur pyaar ho gaya). Now here goes, the boy on the other side was thinking and thinking all over again and again how to tell her. He also did the same thing, tied a love letter to a pigeon's feet and phurrr, flew it away. Now the scenario was something like this....
The pigeons traveled a long distance to reach to the lovers. The letters reached surely, but when they reached, the boy and girl had turned like this

Just Imagine the looks on their faces. ( Not fair na? I know)

Now in the 21st century we can very well see the change, yes, the good old kabootar is replaced by our more compact Blackberry and letter is replaced by E-mail. ( Hey, you must be wondering that I skipped the middle part of the story, but don't worry, picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.)

Yeah, so where was I, yes the love letter has been replaced by e-mail.

Now, coming back to the story, you know how much pain she must have gone through while writing the letter. She stole (thief, literally she became. Pyaar kya kya nahi karata insaan se by god) the paper and feather ( you must be thinking feather, right?, par kya karein us time par pen nahi hote the). It looked something like this........

Now, the middle part of the story. In the meantime, the time before the letter delivery, the Guy's son(of course he got married) came across a girl, his heart paced and he decided not to wait and write a letter to her. This time with pen, yes the modern era, but not too much modern, (say late 19th century) and post it via the post office ( the kabootar was very angry as he was jobless now)

The letter was delivered on time. The reply came not too fast but with a plain scented piece of paper with a telephone number written on it. It also had a note which said that call me on this number, and we will have chit chat. The boy was delighted and jumped in joy. Straight he went to call her, dialed her number and they started chatting over the phone.

Now, sorry for the inconvenience for interrupting again for such an uninteresting story. But, it's necessary, so can't help it.

In the 21st century, the good old telephone (with all respect to Alexander Graham Bell) the old one is now out and new, i.e. mobile phone is in. The chatting now goes on like this.

The chatting over the phone, continued for long time (Back to the story , my friends) and soon they met and got married and lived happily ever after(Though it never happens, who knows what happened after marriage? :P , any way pardon me for such abrupt ending, but I was literally out of words now :P)

Internet has changed the life of every person on this planet and that too when it is easily available on a small and compact mobile phone. The above story depicts use of mobile internet for E-mail and Chatting. But besides this, you can do a numerous other things while you are out of home, town or even out of country and want to communicate with your near and dear ones.

Communication has been made easy and more reachable to each and every individual on earth.

Earlier the children played with toys, then they started playing games on video game consoles, then came the PC and now on mobile. 

It can also be used for reading news and keep yourself updated on the go.

Now, after the story, Song ho jaye? What you all say?. Lets start........

Maine kaha I love you dear
Usne kaha I don't care
Maine kaha, it's not fair
Usi samay, She clicked share

(on sms....)
Usne kaha call kar 
Maine kaha balance nahi
Usne  kaha, no problem baby
Login aur aaja voice chat par

(velle (idle) at home....)
I was gettin' bored for long
I tried a lot, but it went wrong
Tabhi dil se nikli awaaz, phone utha
And download a song.....:)

(in office)....
Boss ne kaha, I want your views
I was speechless, no word to say
Ussi samay kisi ne mujhse kaha
Google khol and check out some news

A lot has been done and can be done more with Vodafone 3G. Have a look at it.

P.S. : Mobile Internet is essential part of our lives  and is vast pool of notions and information. But there are few things to keep in mind:

1. Stay secured. Don't open websites on phone which you don't trust
2. Don't share your personal information on internet unless the source is reliable one.
This is my second official entry for the contest by Vodafone and Indiblogger.
The first entry you can check by clicking on this link.

Feel free to check out the links......:)


  1. hey ....loved your posttttt especiallyy the poem,.,too cool ....keep writing :):)

  2. Great post :)
    Best of luck!!



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