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I Am Online......Are You?

We as humans evolved from our ancestors. Internet has also since its advent in 1960s has metamorphosed to what we call as one of the most used weapon the communication field.
Today I can see my fellow colleagues, friends and all the unknown people too have started using this tool as a medium for exchange of information, for anything that they need to share with everyone on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. This has been made possible also by introduction of smart phones, the blackberries and of course not to forget the Great Apple which has revolutionized the use of internet completely.

Day to day with new innovations coming up in the field of technology and Mobile phones has led to widespread use of internet and let the people stay connected even when they can’t reach their near and dear ones.

Many things today can be done while using internet on mobile. There are applications that let you instantly connect to your friends, colleagues and to your family members. In fact they are becoming a great channel of communication among the people, especially the youth.

People share their thoughts, read news on their mobiles, pay bills,so it can be also said that it cuts down your newspaper bills too :)

For me, Internet on phone is a must and whenever I go looking for a mobile, I make sure hat I am provided with full ease of use of Internet. I would list some of things I use mobile internet for : 

 1.   Checking E-mail: Go green, paper is out folks. E-mail has made a great change in communication era making it completely easy and quicker way of communication.
2.   Reading News: I have made a shortcut in my Opera browser for reading news and Keep myself updated. 

3.  Downloading Songs: Yes!! This I can’t resist. Every time I hear a good chart number I download it on my phone before I forget. 

4.  Watching Videos: Sometimes I have to watch Videos while I am out and have no access to my laptop. I go for watching on my phone and with the introduction of 3G, the buffering problems are solved to a great extent.

       5.  Chatting: Whether I am at home, whether I am out I find it convenient to chat on phone as I can lie down , or do some other work side by side which otherwise is not possible while chatting on laptop or desktop. 

    6.  Booking tickets: I book tickets whether for a movie or for a flight whenever I am out. 

       7.   Share Photos: Whenever I click some photos I try and share them side by side if possible.

       8. Connect with laptop/PC and browse: When electricity is not there and you are in middle of some important work on your laptop, no worries my friend, just connect your mobile with your laptop and browse the web with your phone working as a modem.

      9. Last but not the least, checking my Blog. :)

Although it has advantages, mobile Internet has disadvantages also as it can be costly as well as slower than the dial up connection also but it depends on location of the user and plan he/she is using. 
With the advent of 3G, many of the slow speed problems have been solved. Check out the ad below to feel the power of 3G.

Internet is really a fun thing and it never leaves your side, no matter you are roaming, at home or not, you are connected to the world.  I would say that internet is one fastest growing medium of communication that will continue to grow and with the innovation leading to wide use of internet on the mobile phone.

Internet, I would like to sing this one for you……..You deserve it.

Whenever I want to show my care
And I find no one there
I am left in despair, No choice
And then I click on Share

When my heart lets out a beat
While walking on the street
No matter if it’s summer heat
My mind says, don’t worry, and just tweet

Heard some news in the Media?
Searched the whole encyclopedia
Tried playing with multimedia
At the end, got it on Wikipedia

If you are left beset
With no help you can get
Don't worry my friend
Just go and use Internet

Courtesy: Google for Images and Youtube for Video. Any Copyrighted images if I have used, let me know, I will remove them. :)

Stay connected even on the Go...............:)

At the conclusion, I would like to thank Indiblogger and Vodafone for the efforts and letting the bloggers spread the word.

Don't forget to visit and explore the fun with Vodaone. 


  1. Hey Saurabh thats a nice post. I liked your poem the most. Very rhythmical. Yeah internet is fun on the go . Agree with you to stay connected on the GO.....
    All the best for the contest.

  2. That's very well articulated post. Loved the title and the poem. And will stick to the last suggestion of what to do with internet.

    All the best for the contest!

  3. i came to the second one from the first and both of them are extremely fine pieces of writing. Too good. I've made up my mind to write one more. Nice use of pics.

  4. thanks George :) and all the best :)


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