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At the party continued...

This is in continuation to the previous post. You can read it here----------> At the party!!

‘So, you like it?’ Gaurav asked as he sniffed the single malt.
‘Jack Daniels, I love it, it’s the best when taken on the rocks’ Rahul acknowledged.
Rahul saw Gaurav constantly gazing at Ashima sitting with Rajat across the table holding a glass. She was boozed out. Her actions depicted that. She leant at the table many times and sometimes also leant towards Rajat who gave her a supporting hand to prevent her from falling.
‘Lucky dog, Rajat’ Gaurav fumed gushing down entire drink. He had a serious problem when it came to girls he liked, he too became like them, jealous.
‘O, come on Gaurav, you know it all, don’t you, she is not your type’ Rahul tried to calm him down. The terrace was not crowded now. It was about two in the morning and most of the guests had left with only few of them close to Ashima being present. It was the end of dinner, and there was no mood of noisy expectancy. 
At that moment, someone clapped on Rahul’s back. Surprised Rahul turned back to see who was it. Probably, some drunkard who lost his control, he thought. He was right, a tall, well built man was standing behind with a well cut glass in his hand uttering something. He  gazed at him, trying to listen to what he was saying. But he moved away jaywalking towards the table where Rajat and Ashima were sitting and joined them.
Rahul and Gaurav were finished with their drinks with no mood to have more. They decided to go back home as it was already late.
‘Partying do has an effect, it recharges you’ said Gaurav twirling his empty glass.
You call that a party, Damn!! No one knows you. You are left alone with no one to talk to. Why did I come here?  Rahul was busy in his thoughts, scolding Gaurav.
‘That’s it, I am leaving’ Rahul kept the glass on the table. He saw Gaurav was busy talking to someone. Rahul blinked his eyes and was amazed to see. He was talking to Rajat
Now, how did he do that? Rahul wondered gazing Rajat.
‘Come on, We are joining them on the table’ Gaurav was excited. He pulled the free end of his suit. Rahul took a glass of water and moved towards the table. Rajat introduced them to Ashima. Sitting near to her, Gaurav was overwhelmed. Rahul could see his face glow which was evident as he was sitting with the girl he had a crush on, a thousandth crush or maybe ten thousandth. It had happened many times before, so Rahul was not much amazed to see that. They were talking random whatever that came to their mind.`        
Rahul didn’t talk much; they were busy talking among themselves, telling stories, jokes and all sort of rubbish talk that could take place between a group of drunken people and Gaurav was one of them. He was drunk, not because of drink but because of the fact that he was sitting with a gorgeous girl. Rahul was still wondering how he impressed Rajat to join him on that table.
Rahul pushed his chair back to get a clearer view of Ashima, and Gaurav, who had colored up and was looking round with a tight grin of apprehension.  Rahul grinned back at him, and wanted to help him, but was powerless, of course.
Rahul glanced, amused to see Gaurav stood up from the chair standing near Ashima, looking into her eyes, holding her hand. He took a long pause, knelt down. ‘I love you, will you marry me?’ This took everyone by a surprise. It didn’t affect anyone much except Ashima. She was moved by the words he said. She could feel an excruciating pain that was building up slowly in her heart. Rahul could see tension on her face. At that instant he realized that his drunken friend has done something which could land them in trouble seriously.
The photographers, who were enjoying their break time, were lined up taking pictures and there was no one who could stop them. Everyone was waiting for a response from her side. She turned away removing her hand from his, and soon she burst into tears. He touched her nerve which nobody dared to touch. She was in love with Rohit, who had left her, but she still did and she hadn’t moved on still. Rajat was busy making the media calm down, stopping them from taking photographs but it was not possible for a one man army to do so.
‘We are very sorry’ Rahul pulled Gaurav back dragging him towards the exit. A man came out of nowhere and proposed marriage to an upcoming star, a celebrity, was going to be the headlines for the newspapers across India next day.  They reached out to their car and fled from the spot.   
‘What a great party it was!’ Rahul said angrily.
Gaurav, still lost in thoughts of Ashima ‘Yeah, it was’ with a smile on his face.
‘Arghh…..’ his face turned red. To handle the situation, Rahul had two options in his mind, either to run from the scene and pretend that nothing happened and second, to hand his drunken friend to them and watch him being thrashed. He chose the first one and kept quiet driving aimlessly on the highway waiting for the dawn of the next morning to see what’s in store for them.

To be continued :) Provide your valuable feedback by commenting below :) 


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