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At the party!

This is in continuation to the previous post. You can read it here------->Why did it happen?

The morning newspapers headlined the success of the show. Ashima was everywhere now, been it the newspapers or news channels, she was in the limelight.
‘Did you see today’s newspaper?’ Gaurav asked passing the newspaper to Rahul.
‘No, is there something special today?’ Rahul shrugged.
‘Ashima has become the latest star of the Fashion world. Don’t you want to see? She is so cute dude, just look at her.’ Gaurav said excitedly pointing at a photograph in the newspaper.
‘Is that the reason you want me to look at the newspaper?’ Rahul frowned and returned the newspaper back to him. He started moving towards his bedroom. Gaurav followed in.
Gaurav dragged the chair near the bed and comfortably sat on the chair resting his legs on the bed. He held the newspaper still excitedly reading the news that had been published. He was a great fan of fashion shows. He also wanted to be a model someday, like a teenage dream he had but unfortunately as no one can fight against their destiny, he landed up as being an assistant manager in a multinational corporation. Rahul looked at preoccupied Gaurav from the corner of his eye, studying him carefully. He was completely lost in the newspaper. 
‘Now if you are done with it, can we discuss about our project?’ Rahul said pushing the newspaper away from Gaurav thrashing his daydreaming in bits.
‘Yes of course,’ Gaurav replied blandly. He stood up from his comforting chair, pushing it towards the study table keeping the newspaper carefully folding it on the bed. Rahul took out a laptop from his bag kept at the other corner.  A phone call distracted their attention. Gaurav’s phone was ringing. Gaurav excused himself and strode out of the room. Rahul was busy studying about the project waiting for Gaurav to join. He could hear Gaurav committing something on the phone, not very clear though. He decided to let go and remained engrossed in his work.
‘Yes!’ Gaurav was excited as he entered the room. But Rahul wasn’t that much bothered to know the reason. He wanted to complete the project as soon as possible.
‘You know what?’ Gaurav exaggerated. ‘We are going to a party tonight’ he screamed closing the laptop.
‘What? Which party you are talking about? And what about our project?’ Rahul asked.
‘One of my father's friends got invitation for the party which is being held tonight at Tivoli Gardens celebrating the success of Ashima and they have got some other work to do.’ He said with a childlike glee on his face.
‘And now you want us to go to the party, leaving our work unfinished?’ are you out of your mind? Rahul was furious. ‘We will be screwed.’ He said turning the laptop back on.
‘You don’t worry about the project, we will complete it by evening somehow and tomorrow is Sunday anyways’ Gaurav tried to convince Rahul.
Gaurav saw this party as an opportunity to enter into the fashion industry and realize his teenage dream of becoming a model. Rahul was skeptical that whether they will be able to complete their project on time or not. It was difficult to convince Rahul when it came to work but being such a close friend and a colleague to Gaurav, and his numerous implausible attempts, he agreed reluctantly to join him in the party that night.  Gaurav thanked him and left hurriedly to collect the invitations.

It was around seven thirty in the night when the hotel started glowing with the sumptuously decorated lights. On one side drinks were to be served which was kept separate from the regular cuisine. Rajat had called his best caterer to do the job as he wanted everything to be perfectly organized.
The guests had started arriving at about nine thirty. The lady manager at the entrance was doll of a woman. It was around ten fifteen that a black BMW entered the Gardens and it halted at the entrance gate. The back door opened and Rajat stepped out of the car. Formally dressed in a Armani suit, he brushed it by his hands in order to remove the crumples made to the suit after sitting in the car for long hours.  He scanned the whole scene in a minute or two, the photographers and some press men came to have a word but he swept across them and entered inside. He could see few guests in small groups already laughing and glowing.
He moved towards Diya who stood near the fruit counter having some freshly cut watermelon. She wore a nice pink sleeveless top and denim shorts. Her silver lined black sandals accentuated her neatly waxed legs.
‘You are looking pretty.’ Rajat complimented her with a smile.
‘Thank you!’ she took a watermelon piece in her mouth. Rajat’s phone rang and he excused himself.
At ten thirty, a black Maybach arrived at the entrance. Everyone expected that to be Ashima and they were right. The photographers, reporters and guests rushed towards the entrance to welcome her. She was halted at the entrance. Photographers were busy taking her photograph and some of the guests were wondering and trying hard to get at glimpse of her. Some even tried to offer her a handshake. She was not used to such kind of publicity. Rajat swept his way across the myriad to welcome her and to help her get inside.
They entered, scouring for a place where they could talk easily away from any disturbance. After a few minutes they were able to find themselves a place secured and secluded from the hustle and bustle around. The party began and everyone reverted back to their discussions.
‘So how does it feel like?’ asked Rajat picking up two champagne glasses from the dark eyed young waiter that passed by, offering one glass to her.
‘Impressive,’ she sighed. ‘The party indeed is fabulous. It’s been made possible because of you. Thanks for arranging such a huge party!’ and she took a sip.
‘That’s my pleasure but you deserved it,’ he said raising a toast to her. She smiled. ‘In fact, you earned it.’ he said gulping down the champagne. Diya, along with many others came to meet Ashima.
‘You guys enjoy yourselves,’ Rajat said placing the empty glass on the nearby table. The girls were busy talking, Suddenly Rajat turned back ‘Hey Ashima, we will cut the cake in about half hour,’ he said glancing at his watch.
‘Sure,’ she smiled. Rajat turned back again to meet other guests. A phone call drew his attention. A mobile number flashed on his mobile, carefully thinking about for few seconds he realized that it was the lady manager’s number.
‘Sir, there are two of your guests waiting outside who’s names do not match our invitation list.’
‘Keep them on hold; I will be there in a minute.’ He hung up.
At the entrance, he saw two men waiting for him. The manager was right, they looked unfamiliar. He enquired with her to confirm their identity.
‘Sir, they are carrying invitations in the name of Mr. and Mrs. Malhotra.’ He saw a concern on her face. Formally dressed in perfectly fitted Blackberry suit, Rajat scanned Rahul, studying him in a single glance. In the meantime, Gaurav spoke out.
‘Rajat sir, I am a huge fan of your designs. I don’t even miss your fashion shows, not even a single one…; he was interrupted in between.
‘Good for you, now if you please don’t waste my time, it would be better.’ His reaction was mundane. He called the security personnel.
They are going to throw us out, all because of Gaurav. I told him, this party is bullshit. And he didn’t even have time to change the names. ‘Mrs. Malhotra,’ Damn!  Rahul knit his brows with anger. Every celebrity is here, media is here. This is going to leak out. What about my reputation in the company? What will my colleagues think? Oh no!! Rahul was frustrated with all irks.   
‘Look what have you done?’ Rahul bellowed. Gaurav could see Rahul’s face turning red in anger.
Gaurav tried to give an explanation but all in vain.  
‘Wait, Rajat sir………..’ Rahul kept on yelling his name. Rajat was not bothered and he continued to enter the Gardens after giving few instructions to the manager.
‘Sir, you can talk to Mr. Malhotra. He is known to me.’ said Rahul as he frisked his pockets searching for his mobile and dialed a number. He passed on the mobile to Rajat. Their conversation ended in a minute. He instructed the Manager to let them in.
Oh no!  I am late, thought Rajat as he glanced at his watch. The cake must have arrived. He hurried inside followed by Rahul and Gaurav brushing their suits to fine their creases which were worn out by the security personnel.  Gaurav gaped as he looked at the surroundings; he was astonished to look at the arrangement. He has never been to a celebrity party before. The centre of the terrace was marked by a huge fountain that was covered with lights at the bottom and at the middle. Splashing water came out from two sides, one at the top and from the bottom tiny holes at the edge of the formation. On the right side, the dancers were making an attempt to grab the attention of all the guests. It was marked by contemporary as well as traditional cuisines. Rahul managed to grab a drink. Gaurav was busy searching for Ashima. ‘The girl of the day’ he remarked her in his mind and cooked several stories in his mind about him and Ashima.
‘Mr. Romeo, now if you are out of your dream world, can we have a drink?’ asked Rahul in a monotone passing a glass to him. They were standing near the bar counter.
‘Well, where is she………?’ Gaurav scoured every nook and corner of the party with his eyes but couldn’t find Ashima.  All he wanted was just one glimpse of her so that  his coming to the party would be successful.
After about ten minutes, they saw crackers burst up in the sky creating beautiful patterns.  The crowd gathered at one place. A waiter came out of the room at the backside with a trolley on which rested a beautifully made chocolate cake. On one side, the table was crowded by guests and on the other stood Rajat and Ashima. Rajat passed on the ribbon tied knife to her indicating to cut the cake. She passed on the first piece to Rajat because of which this was made possible.  Rahul and Gaurav arrived a bit late after the cake was cut. They both took a small piece each and turned back.

To be continued :)  You can provide your valuable feedback by commenting below :)


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