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A Framed Lover Part 3!!!

This part is in continuation to the previous post How it all started! the second part of A framed lover!.
This part is in third person narration.
‘Do you remember what’s the day today?’ she asked as they headed towards the car.
‘Yeah it’s Monday’ he replied vaguely.
‘Even I know that, you dimwit, I am asking about the date, today is something special.’  
‘Umm, it’s not my birthday, neither my mum’s, nor hers, then what is it.’ He kept trying for a while thinking of each and every occasion.
As far as he was concerned, he didn’t remember any dates except for his mother’s birthday and his own and of course hers. People hated him for this. He was lost remembering the special date.
‘Aaah! Your weak memory, anyways I have a surprise for you’ she said.
 ‘What is it’ he asked excitingly. Surprises always excited him.
‘If I tell you what is it then surprise will no longer be a surprise darling.’ She sighed.
‘Whatever.’ He sank.
‘Aww! just wait for some more time, we are about to reach the place.”she said.
As she drove, he looked at her with a smile on his face.
‘Why are you smiling?’ She asked.
‘Nothing, as usual you look so beautiful’ he said kissing her on the cheek.
‘Awww! thank you so much. But that’s not going to help.’
‘No no, you misunderstood me, I just said what I felt,’ he tried to justify. He succeeded to some extent too.
Her eyes glittered in the moonlight and were making him mad for her even more. He was remembering the time he first proposed her, their first kiss, th time they spent together and was lost completely in them.
He was looking out of the window. The weather was amazing, it was raining, the rain as if was saying let  me kiss you, let me beat upon your head with silver liquid drops, let me sing you a lullaby.
In some time they reached her house. She opened the door; it was all dark with no sign of light. He was still lost in the thought of the surprise he was yet to receive and was losing his patience now.
‘Happy anniversary, love,’ he heard her whisper in his ear.Oh noman, it was our anniversary, how could I forget that, it was the day I proposed her, it was the first time I kissed her. His memory was running in flashback. He recovered from his thoughts soon. 
‘Happy anniversary to you too, darling.’ I smiled and placed a little kiss on her cheeks.
‘You forgot it was our anniversary, didn’t you?’ she asked him with a furious look.
‘Naah! I remembered, just wanted to see if you remembered or not.’ He pretended as if he knew it. Perhaps, he didn’t wanted to hurt her at any cost.
‘Ahaan!is it so?’, she raised an eyebrow.
‘Y-Yeah’, he gave her an assurance.
The room glittered with lights and in front of me was a beautifully made cake with happy anniversary written on it. The room was filled with soothing fragrance of flowers. They danced to the to the soft tone of music.
‘Thanks for the surprise darling’. He exclaimed.
‘You are welcome, sweet heart, time for you to go.’
The moment she stood up, he held her hand and pulled her towards me. ‘Not so fast darling’, I think my gift is due.
He grasped her in his arms, slowly pulling her closer.’  He could see the lips trembled.’   
‘So are you ready for the gift?’ he asked her  running his hands through her hair. Their eyes were lost in each others, hands clenched together tightly. The world had stood still in that moment itself.
‘This is going to be the best gift ever,’ he whispered in her ear and pulled her towards himself. She clasped her arms around his neck. They came closer to each other, lost in each other’s eyes. The breaths were becoming heavy every second that passed. He could sense hot blow of air from her nose on his upper lip as we came closer. Her eyes were looking down now. Her face was glowing in the moonlight that smeared through the glass window. He had never seen her like this before. Her red lips trembled with nervousness. He held her from the chin and raised her head, she looked in his eyes and hugged him tightly.
He picked her in his arms and she was resting her head on his shoulder and he walked towards the bedroom.  
Inside, the room was dark. They backed on to a bed in the middle of the room. She wanted to say something, but he grabbed her face and kissed her. He pulled her dress off from the shoulder, dug his mouth  in her neck.
 ‘You are beautiful’, he regarded as they both looked at each other. She shivered, barely able to control herself. She hid her face in her hands. He was in her, kissing her on the muscle at very top of thighs, her ears. He was kissing her passionately with gasps increasing after every kiss they did.
She was a great kisser. She responded to each and every kiss, better than the former one. He caressed her.  They were exploring each other’s body from head to toe through every possible means under the white satin bed sheets. She surrendered herself to him completely.  
‘Love you sweetheart’, she murmured. She stretched her back and wrapped her arms around him.
‘Love you too’, they kissed again.
They dozed off.
He woke up and got dressed in a hurry. He was ready to leave.
‘Thanks for the gift,’ she smiled. He placed a kiss on her cheek.
And he left.
Priyanka closed the main door and turned towards her bathroom for a shower. It was six o’clock in the morning and she heard the doorbell. She wondered whom it could be this early. She opened the door and he saw him as he smiled and moved towards her.   

To be continued. :) Please give your feedback by commenting below :)


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