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How it all started!!

This is in continuation to my previous post. You can read it here if you haven't -----> A framed lover!!

'It's been two hours and this boy is not opening his mouth!' Ravi bellowed banging he file on the table.

'Sir, I told you, I haven't done anything. I loved her, I still do.' he pleaded.

'She was with you yesterday, nobody knows the reason of her death except you. Now if you don't open your mouth, I am not going to spare you.' he screamed.

Raghav was in a fix. He didn't knew what happened. All he knew that he was in deep trouble. After much thought, he decided that only to get himself out of the situation he should tell the officer what happened the previous day. He feared that they would believe him or not, but helplessly, he had no choice left. He started to speak......

Monday, it seemed to be one of the other usual days, except the hangover of the fun filled weekend that just came and gone like a wind.
‘Why weekends end so fast?’ he whispered to himself and turned around to see if metro has come or not’.
The weekend was also the same as usual, with only one thing in mind ‘Party, and party hard’.
“So how was the weekend Rags?” Sameer asked as he patted with a blow on the back.
‘Easy, Sam!!, it hurts’.he said
The week was very busy and the weekend was also very tiring with the after effects of partying harder reflecting. Whole body was aching as someone has sucked whole energy in one go.
The platform was surrounded by a loud whistle suddenly. The train had arrived.
‘Oh no! Not again’ he grumbled as they struggled their way in the crowded train.
‘So , you didn’t tell how was it, was it not good’, Sameer enquired again in a low voice.
‘Hm.. yeah , it was great, had single malt last night’, you should also try it, it tastes great, but try it on the rocks’, you see the blend is so nice. Raghav said with a smile on his face.
‘No thanks, you know I don’t drink’. He said in a low tone as a smile crossed his lips.
‘’how’s  uncle and aunty’’he asked
‘’They are good’’ he replied
‘’How’s your sister? you have a very adorable sister’’
‘’Umm uh whatever I don’t find her adorable at all, she irritates me a lot’’, said Raghav in an whiny voice.
‘Our station has come’, he said as they rushed towards the door.
Sam, tall and handsome. He was a good listener,caring,loving and talkative too, in short everything that a girl wants. He was every girls dream man. He has been my closest buddy since I joined the college. Chatter box everyone used to call him most of the time. For the first time ever in his life Raghav saw a man who was used to talk so much.
In no time, they reached the institute and rushed towards the class. It had already started.
‘This we already studied in the last class, didn’t we’, he asked with a question mark on his face.
‘Yeah even I wonder why he is teaching same topic again’. Sameer replied shrugging his shoulders.
They attended the lectures and headed towards the canteen.
‘Hey Raghav,” he heard someone called out his name. He turned his head and saw Priyanka  waving her hand standing at the door with few of her friends. Priyanka has been his girlfriend since past one year now.
He was remembering the first time he met her at their common friend Nikita’s house, charming, beautiful, and lively, with a bright smile. Her eyes, framed by long lashes, were bright, dark and seemed to brighten the world. She was wearing a white churidar. Her dark ash-brown hair glimmered in the sunlight coming from the window. It looked like silk and cascaded down past her shoulders, swirling around her.
‘Hi darling’ he said as he gave her a peck on her cheek.
‘Aww!!! you both look so cute together’ Nikita said in her typical feminine behaviour.
 ‘I know Nikita, we are the sweetest couple’ He said giving a slight kiss to Priyanka on her lips.
‘Anyways how was your weekend,baby’ Priyanka asked.
‘It was good.and yours.?’
‘Aah! I have been a little busy.’ she said.
‘Oh!!is it ,With what.?’ he said teasing her.
‘Umm was with friends, honey.’ she said winking at me.
‘Ohkay!!’ he said hesitatingly although he was not satisfied with her reply.
‘Anyways guys see you all tomorrow, we got to go’ she said as she grabbed his hand and took him along with her.
‘Bye, see you.’ Everybody wished them goodbye.

To be continued :) Please share your feedback by commenting below. :)


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