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The breakup!!

This is in continuation to previous post. You can read it here-------------> At the party continued....

At five o’clock in the morning, they reached the apartment. Gaurav fell asleep on the way; Rahul’s head was banging with pain which was growing stronger. Gaurav woke up. Rahul parked the car at the corner of the parking space. The elevator was not functioning. They had to take the stairs. They made up to the apartment on the third floor. 
Gaurav’s apartment usually remained locked as he remained mostly with his friends in their apartments. He was a socialite, and Rahul became his close friend because they were in the same team at the office, in fact they were a team. Rahul opened the windows and doors of all the balconies, switched on all the fans.
He used to live with his parents in the same apartment, but his father was retired, and he wanted to shift to their native place, Agra. Gaurav insisted them to stay with him but they wanted to stay in their own house. It was only then he didn’t used to stay in that apartment and preferred staying at his friend’s apartments to curb loneliness.
Rahul was tired because of last night’s driving and he needed to sleep. He threw his tie and Blazer on the couch and he strode into the bedroom, switched on the AC, flipped on the bed and soon he was fast asleep. Gaurav, with his legs trembling, faintly remembering and murmuring about the last night, stood near the couch. ‘I love you Ashima, will you……?’ he could remember the last conversation in bits. He lay on the couch, resting his legs on the other end and slept in few minutes.
A phone call distracted Rahul’s sleep, twisting his head, raising his arm that hung on the side of bed, he searched for the phone. He rejected the call initially and again went back to sleep. The phone rang again. Rahul woke up, with a jerk in his neck this time; he held the phone in his one hand, holding his neck by the other. He tried hard to open his eyes, blinking them till the vision got clear. It was Ankita.  Without waiting for another ring, he sprang up and looked at the clock that hung on the wall in front of him.Oh no!! Ten thirty. Rahul was shocked to see the time. The phone was ringing incessantly. He came out of his room and saw Gaurav sleeping on the couch. He picks up the call.
‘Hi Ankita, how are you?’ Rahul pretended that all was fine.
‘I am fine!! Can you please tell me where’s Gaurav?’ she enquired. Rahul was skeptical about Gaurav and Ankita. She would not spare him this time. He remembered the last time when he had fought hysterically for their patch up. Gaurav had proposed Ayesha, the most gorgeous girl of their college. Rahul had tried to talk to her many times as she was not in a mood to talk to Gaurav. ‘Why don’t you understand, he just did it out of the way!’
‘What do you mean? I don’t want to be in a relationship with a creep who proposes every other girl every second day of the college!!’ her eyes grew bigger. Rahul had tried to convince her not to move out of relationship that time as exams were around the corner and a breakup would be traumatic for Gaurav.
‘O come on, it’s not like that’ Ayesha was not the every other girl. He thought in his mind.
‘Whatever!!’ She exclaimed. After talking for two hours, Rahul was able to convince her and had asked Gaurav to apologize to her and warned him that that was the last time he was helping him. He came out of his previous thoughts and concentrated on the call. She already had called four times. The time had landed them in the same situation, again!
‘Y-Yeah, he is having a bath, I will tell him to call you back as soon as possible.’ Rahul said rapidly and hung up. He didn’t wanted to convince her again, it was difficult, the most difficult part. And he was sure that this time, it was THE END!!
‘Wake up, Gaurav,’ Rahul yelled at the top of his voice.
Gaurav stood up, falling over the couch again; he was not in his senses still. His legs were trembling.
‘Gaurav, wake up’ Rahul shook him from his shoulder, trying to bring him back to his senses.
‘Ankita called up, and she wanted to know about you’ Rahul told him thinking that it might help to bring him back to normal.
‘What? Why?’ It seemed Gaurav came back to his senses partially after hearing her name. He didn’t want to mess up the things with her because of his stupid actions.
‘Did you tell her that I am here?’ He seemed worried.
‘I just said that you are taking bath, that’s it, what’s the big deal? You just get into the bathroom’ Rahul was furious now. He was worried more because she could be there anytime.
Gaurav stood up, amazed, looking here and there worried. He had screwed up his relationship many times before, but never did something like this. He pondered what to do next. After ten minutes, doorbell rang.
‘It must be her,’ Gaurav ran away in the bathroom indicating Rahul to open the door. After three bells Rahul gathered all the courage to open the door. Gaurav was right; Ankita was standing outside with her arms at her back. She entered the apartment searching for something, looking here and there.
‘What are you looking at?’ asked Rahul curiously.
She had been calling Gaurav since morning, but he was not picking up his calls until she called Rahul to know his whereabouts. Rahul was pretending to be normal from outside, but from the inside he was worried, adrenaline rush reaching to its peak. He waited for the moment she bursts out her anger. She straightaway walked to the bedroom where Gaurav was hiding.
‘Gaurav?’ she was calling his name repeatedly. Gaurav was preparing himself to face her and this time he was extremely tensed about what was going to happen. He came out of the bathroom with a towel held in his right hand.
‘Where were you last night damn it?’ her voice rose this time.
‘I told you; I was busy with the project sweet heart’ Gaurav passed a glance at Rahul.
‘Well then, can you explain this?’ She fumed throwing the newspaper on the table placed next to him. What Rahul feared was going to happen, had happened. They have become the new faces of the front page of the newspaper. Really a big story huh?
‘O come on baby, it’s just that we went to the party in the night as our project was finished, that’s it honey.’ He held her by her waist pulling her closer. She pushed him away.
‘And what about the breaking news, huh?’ she frowned. They could see anger rising on her face.
‘What breaking news?’ he picked up the newspaper carefully reading the headlines.
Model approached by an unknown man for marriage. It was written in the big bold letters and a photograph of Gaurav holding Ashima’s hand. He quickly scanned the article.
‘Is that for what you went to the party?’ she fell on the bed covering her face by her hands and started crying. Tears are the best weapon that a girl possesses. Rahul looked at Gaurav, then at her. He wanted to calm her down; she was good natured girl, his best friend’s girlfriend who is going to be an ex-girlfriend maybe. He wanted Gaurav to take care of the situation this time.  
‘What’s your problem? First it was Ayesha, then it was someone else and now her!! Why do you have to go to other girls leaving me alone? Why?’ she threw a trillion question at Gaurav’s face. But Gaurav stood there speechless having no word to say.
‘That’s it that was the height of everything’ she fumed pointing at the headline.  ‘I can’t handle you anymore; I have decided to break up with you.’ She said frantically. Break up, these two words pierced like a butcher’s knife deep inside Gaurav’s heart. He was in pain, deep pain.  But he had done blunder. He can’t even realize what he had done to her. Ankita was crying, she gave another chance to him. She wanted an explanation, but Gaurav was mum. She loved him a lot. She could have done anything for him and Gaurav knew that. She had fought hysterically with her friends for him when they told her to stay away from him. She left her friends behind, she made it sure that she spends her maximum time with him. She was hurt now, very much hurt. Her heart was bleeding in form of tears that streamed down her eyes. She stood up, and walked out of the apartment. Gaurav ran behind to stop her, he wanted to say sorry, but it was not enough now.

To be continued.........:) Provide your valuable feedback by commenting below :)


  1. oh breakups are always bad,,, nice post

  2. nice ...waiting for the next part

    1. Thanks TTT :) yup will post it when it will be finalised :)


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