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Why did it happen?

Some say it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all, but it can still be heartbreaking for some.

Ashima sat at the corner of her bed near the window and stared out at the night sky that resembled a dark beauty wearing diamonds all over. The night was calm, tranquil. But she was disturbed. Rohit, her soul mate, a part of her life was gone forever. He was always there to make her smile, or be a loving friend when smiles became non-existent in her life.
The mind projected vivid images of her and Rohit together in their happier times. the day they first met, the day he proposed her, the first kiss , the first night........' she clenched her eyes. She could feel him with her, standing behind her, whispering in her ear, don’t worry, I am with you, brushing his hands against her shoulders.  
With her eyes wet with tears that threatened to roll down her cheeks, Ashima shook her head and swallowed the same lump in her throat over and over again. She heard her parents talking outside her room, but those were simply background noise. Things she loved to do would now drain the last bit of energy she had. Things she was asked to do were even worse than that. Rohit was gone, gone forever from her life, and that too when she needed him the most. Tomorrow was the most important day of her life and she wanted him to be with her whole day. Why? The question wracked her brain and twisted her mind in directions she could never imagine possible. She lay on bed waiting for dawn. It was a struggle even getting out of bed, but she was left with no choice.
The day had finally arrived. It was a dream came true for many but it was a most awaited moment for Ashima. She was selected as the show stopper for the show. She waited for this moment for four long years. She had grown up watching the ramp shows and dreaming of walking on it one day.
The hall was crowded. There were few model turned celebrities, people from the fashion industry, and the press. One of the reporter approached Ashima for few words at the backstage.
‘How does it feel to be a show stopper for such a big brand?’ he asked passing on the microphone to her.
‘It’s been four long years and I have been waiting for such an opportunity, finally I got one!’ She faked a smile.
‘No more questions, please!’ a voice grabbed the reporter’s attention and he looked behind to find Rajat, Ashima’s dress designer coming closer. He quietly moved away without creating a fuss.
Rajat, a medium built guy, in his early thirties, wheatish complexion. He had been for about ten years in the fashion industry as a model apparel designer. Once he was surrounded by lawsuit against him for sexual harassment of a model five years back but he was proven innocent. The incident had haunted him for three years after that but gradually he had moved on and established himself well in the world of ravishing beauties.
‘Ashima, it’s such a big event and you are the main lead here. The toughest part is that you are going to be a show stopper for the very first time and I want it all perfect, you get that. The brand is big. Everyone will be having their eyes on you. Give it your best shot.’ He raised a finger pointing towards her.
‘Y-yes,’ her voice trembled. There was a mixture of emotions running through each and every cell of her body; she could feel every bit of it. She clenched her fists and started counting up to ten to make her calm down of commotions that swept her mind. She was missing her only support, Rohit that day.
‘Alright, I had sent you few dresses to choose from, have you decided?’ he asked in a heavy tone.
‘Yes, the mauve one!’ she responded confidently this time.
‘Okay, wait for me in the dressing room, I will be there in fifteen minutes’ he snapped his fingers and strode away from there.
‘Such a creep he is,’ said Garima, frowning. She stood besides Ashima. Ashima gave her a look from the corner of her eye and left for the dressing room trying to ignore. Garima was a struggling model. She was quite new to the industry with only one and a half years of experience. 
Fifteen minutes later, a knock at the door distracted Ashima’s attention. She was busy giving the final touches to her makeup.
‘Come in,’ she gave the approval. Rajat came in the room closing the door behind him.
‘So are you ready?’ he enquired.
‘Yes, is it fine?’ she stood up.
‘Perfect, now I am leaving for the show and you know what to do, right?’ he enquired again.
He gave her some tips and showed her again what she had to do on the ramp. He gave her some final touches on her makeup and left. The press men also went out as the show was about to begin. It was organized well as fashion show must be like that it accentuates the models clothing and the theme should be designed according to the style. Everything looked perfect and added a flow and rhythm to the show. The hall was glowing with lights and was full of cheer and applauses from the crowd. Everybody’s attention was distracted as the hostess of the show, Diya began with her speech.
Diya, was in her late twenties. She was about five feet eight, fair and resembled no less than a model herself, her big hazel eyes which can drag any one’s attention towards her. But she chose to be a hostess over a model although she had got many offers which she rejected willfully. She was exquisitely dressed in a glowing red dress that impeccably covered her doll like body.   
The show began. The models started walking down the ramp. The crowd was cheering and applauding, the hall was echoing with them. The photographers were busy clicking the pictures. One by one, models walked down the ramp showing their voluptuous bodies.
After some time, something caught the eye of everybody; they left their busy discussions to look at the stage. It was Ashima, the show stopper for the day. She was in her mauve dress beautifully hugging her that accentuated her curves well. Her eyes, framed by long lashes, were bright and dark. Her dark ash-brown hair glimmered in the lights. It flowed in waves to adorn her glowing, porcelain-like skin. A straight nose, full lips-she seemed the picture of perfection. Everybody was glued to her. She had a voluptuous figure that poured into a nice hourglass.
An unearthly chill fell upon the hall as she entered. The movement paused and the voices hushed. She cat walked confidently and expeditiously, watching precisely her moves. Her eyes seem to have a distant, dreamy look within them yet she scanned her surroundings with purpose making an eye contact with everyone present in the hall. Everybody was gaping at her as she walked the ramp and none could tear their eyes away from her.
Soon the curtains drew and the show was over leaving everybody stunned. The hall again echoed with the sounds of applauses and cheers of the crowd. Diya was busy with wrapping up of the show. Everybody at the back stage congratulated Ashima for her marvelous performance as a show stopper. Rajat entered the backstage and hugged Ashima, congratulating her. They broke the hug and Rajat turned around.
‘Alright guys, tomorrow at eight, we have a party for celebrating the success of Ashima!, so be there’ Rajat proclaimed as he passed a look to Ashima.  Ashima was totally immersed in herself, pretending to be fine. Maybe she was in a state of surprise where she did not believe that she actually did well or maybe she was lost in thoughts of what is up next for her.
On the outside, she was smiling and thanking all with a warm smile, but on the inside, she was distressed. Fighting with her inner self, realizing that there was no one who can feel her anguish, she turned away to leave. She forced herself to turn to the bright side, prepared a mental note to attend the party next evening. 

To be continued.......Please provide your valuable feedback :)


  1. Good start! Waiting for the next!

    1. Thanks Suresh :) Will post it in a day or two after finalising :)


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