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Love Marriage Ya arrange Marriage? What you all say?

Malhotras had an arranged marriage. Mrs. Megha Raj Malhotra, unaware about her would be family culture, stepped out of her familiar known world only to step in an alien world. She didn't know like any other woman that what to expect from her would be family. She didn't know what they would expect out of her even. Unknowing to what she could face, she decided to take the risk, leaving tens of millions of questions unanswered.

Raj was the choice of her father, which couldn't be wrong, at least she believed that. Love marriages were not in tradition at that time. Girls were supposed to be confined in their homes, marry to the boy of their parents' choice, preferably at an early age, as soon as she reaches her puberty.

She had a warm welcome in the Malhotra house, which was now her own home. All the members of the family loved the new member. Raj was caring, loving, in
fact everything he had which Megha had thought about him when they have met for the first time. They both were ideal for each other. Even they didn't know about each other’s choices, likes, dislikes, they still managed to take care of each other's needs.

Megha's mother in law, Janki treated her like her own daughter. She gave her everything which she would have given to her own daughter.  Somewhere, in her heart, she missed having a daughter. She felt Megha was a blessing her life. How the couple completed the two years of their marriage, they didn't realized. They were busy in understanding each other.

Everything was great; all were supporting Megha in understanding their needs and expectations. Megha was also happy about being in such a family. She didn't feel like an alien anymore. It was just like she was born and brought up there.

It was June end of the year 1980 and Raj had to leave for work in some other town. He was supposed to be back in week's time but it was delayed as the work was still not finished, so it would take around a week more. Megha was getting ready after bath. Sitting in front of the mirror kept at the corner of her room, she looked at her reflection. She was done almost. But she was confused as she felt something was missing. She looked carefully to herself in the mirror again confirming that she dressed fine.

Clad in green colored sari with a red border that accentuated her beauty. Soon she realized the missing part, the bindi. She usually wore it but that day she forgot. She instantly pushed open the drawer in front of her searching incessantly for it. Luckily she was able to find one piece of stick on bindi, she wore it. A knock at the door distracted her attention. She opened the door to find Janki standing there. She looked a bit worried. Seeing this, Megha was bound to ask her what was bothering her.

'Sab theek hai na Ma? (Is everything alright Mother?)' She asked pulling her sari’s pallu over her head.

She stood there, uttering no word which made Megha feel restless. A chill went down Megha's spine. Paleness suffused her cheeks. One thing she knew, that something was not right. She had not seen her like this in these two years. The problem could be anything; it could be her, or Raj.  A million things were flowing in and out of her mind in that single moment. She kept on prodding her to say what was bothering her. After fifteen minutes of waiting, she started speaking.

'Beta, mujhe pata hai ki tumhare liye ye naya ghar hai. Shayad tum humko abhi puri tarah se apna bhi nahi paye, par... (I know it’s all new for you. It is also possible that you haven't accepted us as a family yet. But...)' she sputtered. Megha was curious by now as to what was coming her way.

'Ma aap khulke boliye na! Maine kuch kiya kya? (Mother, say clearly! Did I do something?)' She was just about to cry. She didn't want to lose the trust she had created in them. She had invested her life to be with this family. Seeing the paleness rise on her face, she spoke again.

'Beta, I don't know how to talk to you about this. It's your personal matter!' she started speaking anew to make her understand what she meant.  Megha stood still listening to this, her brain making vivid images of several mistakes that she did unknowingly in the starting few months. But why would she be bothering about those mistakes now? Her mind was busy with her musings.

'Ma, aap kya kehna chahte ho mereko nahi samajh araha! (Mother I am not able to understand what you are saying). She squelched. A tear rolled down her eyes. She surmised to the unknown fact that she had done something wrong.

'Beta, we are a family! I have loved you like my own daughter. But our family is incomplete still. You can make it complete.' Her words were loud and clear.

'We want a child with whom we can play. You both will be busy in your lives. We are left alone; we need someone to feel happy with!' She made her point clear very well.

A feeling of delight imploded inside Megha. She had already talked about it to Raj. But Raj was not yet ready for welcoming the new member in their family. He was quite nervous. He feared that he would not be able to take the responsibility at that time. To some extent he was right also. He wanted to know more about Megha. No matter, he had started loving her but still he needed some more time. She had made rhetorical attempts as she spoke about it to Raj. But now she had to give assurance to Janki about it. After two minutes of silence, she spoke out.

'Ma, I understand you. I will surely talk with Raj about this' she blushed as she said. The redness her cheeks had lost was returning. Janki after knowing that she had made her point across walked out of the room.

After Janki was gone, Megha marveled about how she would talk to Raj about it? She also wanted to be a mother, have babies around her. A smile embraced her lips as she thought about it.

The only thing that bothered her was, will Raj agree to it?

This is my second official entry to the contest hosted by Indiblogger and Sponsered by Sony Entertainment Television.

You can check the first entry here.----------------------->  It's all written up there!

Don't forget to tune into 'Love Marriage Ya Arrange Marriage' on Sony at 08:30 PM. And yeah don't forget to check out the link.------------->  LoveYaArrange.

P.S. Marriages are made up there. No one knows with whom you will get hitched to. It is just a matter of time that that you bump into that someone special. Life is full of surprises. If you think about it, it would be so much fun having to deal with surprises rather than knowing about what is going to happen. Marriage is a strong bond that requires trust which is gradually built over time.


  1. Nice take. Best of luck for the contest.

    1. Thanks a lot for the feedback :) and yeah same to you too!

  2. for a moment I was afraid like Megha :)
    nice write up. all the best :)

    1. thanks a lot :) do check out the rest 3 parts also :)


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