Aug 24, 2012

My broken heart sings!

Saurabh Chawla |

With each passing moment
My heart gives out a cry
Some kind of a lament
To the look which is so sly

What is my fault?
That I make mistakes
You always add some salt
To my bruises that aches

You can't even realize
The torture I feel
I am bound to surmise
My heart which you steal

The pain I go through every night
When you keep me waiting
For one glimpse of your sight
Only to face you’re berating?

I try hard to evince
I am soaked in pain
But I fail to convince
My efforts go in vain

Enough of it now
I give up the suffering
I know I made a vow
But my heart resists this buffering

I am not a plastic doll
Don't treat me as abhor
My heart gives out a squall
Please SOAK me no more!!

This post is my second official entry to the contest  'SoakNoMore' hosted by Indiblogger and Sponsored by Surf Excel Matic.

You can check out the link here. You can also check out the Indiblogger page by clicking here.

You can check out the first entry by clicking here.


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