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Problems faced by the bride in arranged marriage!

One week had passed, so does Megha's patience. She didn't know how she would go about it but all she knew that she had to talk to him about it. The doorbell ranged. It was the end of wait, the curiosity that had been building up for entire one week. Megha only knew how she had faced Janki, all other family members. She rushed to open the door.

Raj stood there smiling. Their eyes met, the moment had stood still. Two weeks of separation has led both to realize that they had missed each other so much. Tears rolled down Megha's eyes as she hugged him tightly.

'Megha, what happened?' he asked brushing his hands in her hair.

'I missed you...' she squelched.

'I missed you too....' he embraced her tightly in her arms.

Megha felt a sigh of relief seeing Raj. She realized that how much she had been feeling abandoned, alone without him. She stood there hugging him, wishing that moment to be stopped then and there only.

'Megha, let's go inside!' he said softly. Megha looked at him with rheumy eyes raising her head.
They moved inside the house. All welcomed him back. Raj went upstairs to freshen up in his room because of the long journey. Soon, it was the dinner time, seven in the evening. All the family members were sitting around the elliptical brown colored wooden table. Only a few households owned the dining table at that time.

'How was the tour beta?' asked Ranjeet, Raj's father as he poured dal in the bowl for him. He was a small trader of locks and other small tools. Everyone in the neighbor hood revered him. He had made a place in people's hearts by helping them in their myriad problems. Raj was following his steps which made him a proud father, and Raj, a proud son.

'The tour was great, father. Soon we will start the business of steel trading also.' He said as he took a sip of water. 'I have met some of suppliers who are willing to work with us.'

'That's very good. Keep it up, son.' He patted Raj's shoulder.

In the meanwhile, Raj noticed Janki and Megha exchanging glances. Being perturbed at this hysteria, he reluctantly asked what he problem was. Janki smilingly replied to him that there was no problem at all. Raj was bit in confusion but he decided to let it go. He didn't want to create a fuss at that time; he was too tired because of the tour. The dinner was over. Raj nodded to Megha to come to the room after the kitchen chores. She nodded in affirmation.

'Talk to him today!' Janki said beseechingly.

'He is tired, Ma! But I will surely try!' she exclaimed. After finishing the kitchen work, Megha left for her room to sleep. On entering the room, she was surprised that Raj was sitting near the window gazing outside the night sky. On hearing the door being closed, he turned around. Megha came closer to him seeking the opportunity to talk to him.

Before she could speak, she saw something mysterious in his eyes. It seemed he wanted to say something to her, but was not gaining courage to speak. She decided to brush aside the topic for a while and kept her hand on his shoulder emboldening him to speak. With hesitation, he gathered courage and spoke out.

'Megha, I want to talk to you about something!' he said holding her by her shoulders.

'What's the matter?' She sensed a matter of enormity. She couldn't see him like this. What it could be?  Her mind was again filled with myriad of questions which were unanswered.

'Is something wrong?' she asked in deep concern and it could be seen in her deep set brown eyes.

'I....I did wrong to you!' He sputtered. Hearing these words broke her. Deep inside her, she was fighting against a storm. Is there any other woman? She thought.

'What wrong? Why don't you say clearly?' she sulked. She was away from his strong hold now.

'I didn't give you what you wanted! You kept all your promises; it was me who was not able to keep mine.' He said in despair turning away from her.

Megha, sure of existence of other woman in his life couldn't resist hearing the truth.

'What are you talking about?' She bellowed turning him towards her.

'I realized now when I met Naveen!' he said. 'He is married and having two kids.' He paused in between.

'I understood what kids meant in completing a family. I kept refusing every time you talked about this. I was not ready at that time. But now I will not keep you waiting!' he said.

The words fell in her ears gave a sense of equanimity to her. The storm that had erupted in her had settled to rest.  He continued to speak.

'Yes, I want to become a father. I am ready to take the responsibility.' He was excited now. The words were like a mellifluous tone that lulled her into a state of relaxation. The wrinkles that had glorified as she had frowned were gradually effacing from her wheatish face. It was a dream coming true. She had waited for this moment. She quickly hugged him. A sense of trust prevailed in his voice.
Megha stood there quiet, not uttering a single word. The feeling she had was indescribable in words. He slowly raised her head. Raj brushed his hands to remove the tufts of hair from her face revealing her brown almond shaped eyes.

'I have kept you waiting for long! I am sorry for what I did.' he apologized anew.

Megha blushed in redness. Her pale cheeks were gradually turning pink as blood rushed into her body. She felt warmth in Raj's grip. The moment she had waited for so long had finally arrived. They both wanted to register every second of it. The love was at its peak, feeling which they both had never sensed before. They both were lost in each other’s eyes. They were the whole world for each other. Two souls were united that day. They both believed that day that God had made them for each other. They were inseparable now.

She was happy for two reasons. First, she was confused to talk about the topic to Raj which was solved by him only. Second, she would not have to listen to taunts of family members as well as of relatives. 
With God's grace and elder's blessings, the couple was blessed with a girl child.

This is my third official entry for the contest 'Love Marriage Ya Arrange Marriage' hosted by Indiblogger and Sponsored by Sony entertainment television.

The first part of the story can be found here. The first entry for the contest can be found here

Don't forget to check out the link Love Marriage Ya Arrange Marriage.

P.S. The life is full of surprises. Whether you believe it or not but marriages are also a great part of surprise in everybody's life. It comes in your life as a surprise, your road ahead after marriage is also  full of surprises. Somethings should be kept for surprise only else life would be insipid. Just follow the path, not worrying about the destination and ye should enjoy the journey!  


  1. telepathy of lovers :)
    enjoyed reading it :)

  2. Nice story.. Intriguing.
    Wish you luck for the contest. :)

  3. Since many Islamic people just wed people who are actually from the identical sect regarding Islam, obtaining a Muslim matrimonial may be actually more challenging.

    1. Yes David but the context is different here. Thanks for the visit David :)

  4. Marriage is a commitment between two people. It takes love and patience to stay in a relationship. Although arranged marriages do sometime work, I think this kind of culture needs to adhere with the latest culture, just like how the people from stories did.


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