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The power of Surf Excel Matic! Soak No More

I was busy listening to my favorite song on my iPod. The mellifluous tone just was creating a sense of harmony in my all senses. My tattered body cells seemed too coalesced. It felt so nice after getting soaked in the rain. The best part of it was I had been playing football with my neighborhood friends. Consequently there were brown mud patches spread all over my red tee.

After removing the grit from my tee I had come back to my room. My room is small, but I keep it well organized. I make it a point that my things don't lie here and there scattered. But that day, I still marvel what went wrong. My books were lying here and there. I forgot to place them in the rack after studying in the night. I felt someone yelling my name from outside. But after few seconds it was gone. After a few minutes, Mom barged into the room.

'What you have done?' she asked at the top of her voice. I could see the anger in her red eyes.

'What?' I was driven with frisson from within. I switched off my iPod and sat there dumbstruck.

'Whole house is stained with mud patches because of your shoes, you dimwit.' she said belligerently.

'Huh?' I pretended as if it was no big deal. After all in what age I will play football, my old age? 

'And look at your dress, it’s all mud.' She was outraged.

 'Gosh! When will you listen to me?' she strode out from the room.

I was feeling a sense of relief. Just I was about to close the door, I saw her rushing into my room. 

'Do you know how much time it takes for me to wash your mud filled stinky clothes?' she said frantically.  'It's decided, if you want to wear your favorite white tee tomorrow, you are going to wash this red tee today yourself.' 

I stood there agape. Earlier also I had played football in the rain, spreading mud all over my clothes, but mom hadn't behaved like this before, washing clothes? Me? It was like giving a guitar in the hands of Sachin Tendulkar to bat! First of all you have to soak them for hours!! Nah!! Not my piece of cake. But I had only three choices with me, whether to wash the tee or revolt for the decision of her or the best say sorry to her meekly. I chose the last one. I was rambling in my thoughts, and then I heard her speak.

'Change your clothes! You will catch cold.'  She ordered. I changed my clothes throwing away my muddy tee in the pile of clothes to be washed. Turning back to her I looked apologetically to her with pleading eyes.  I hoped that might melt her heart.

'Last time...!' she admonished. I hugged her tightly after hearing those words. Yes I made it!

'Thank you! Mom' I said with a childlike glee.

Thank god! Now I don't have to wash it!!' Mom will take care of it. A sense of delight rushed in my bloodstream. Tomorrow I will wear my tee! Yippee!  With this affirmation I went to sleep.

Next day was very bright sunny day. I woke up at usual seven in the morning. Performed all my morning chores and was ready to go to college. The best part was I wore my favorite white tee!! I remember how hysterically I had fought to by that tee. Firstly mom was reluctant, but afterwards she had agreed. Everybody was staring at my new tee which gave a sense of immense pride to me. I remembered the words enunciated by the shopkeeper.  Don't soak it! Otherwise it will shrink! 

Raghu and Vikas made a plan for playing football in the college as we had two hours free. I reluctantly agreed as I didn't want to spoil my new tee. Fortunately it was not raining that day. But ground was slightly wet still because of the last night's rainfall.  The weather was perfect for a football game. I was playing with all my attention towards the ball only. I didn't want it to spoil the tee. But a gaffe happened. The Ball had bumped into me unaware leaving a big muddy patch on it. I vamoosed from there bunking my last class and went straight to my home. I marveled what Mom would say about it. But having no choice, I had faced her.

'So again you have done it?' she said frantically. 

'I told you not to play football with that tee on! But you don't want to listen to me!'  I stayed their quiet changing my tee.

'Now give it to me. The only thing that can be done about it is to soak it, and then you will understand what I am trying to say to you!'   

Hearing those words literally drove me to nuts. Did you say Soak? I remembered the words said by the shopkeeper. Don't soak it! Otherwise it will shrink!

I was lost in my thoughts then I realized that my Mom had already taken away the tee with the other pile of clothes. I ran behind her pleading her to do whatever except to soak it!!

'Mom! No..... Don't soak please!' I continued screaming.

'Mom, No Please...'

I kept running behind her just to stop her from soaking it. The words of the shopkeeper were echoing in my ears.

I told everything about what the shopkeeper had told to Mom. To my surprise, she did not say anything but smiled. I was bit confused about this reaction. After about 10 minutes of prodding she agreed to tell me the secret. She introduced me to a new product that day. 'Surf Excel Matic' 

The Surf Excel Matic, available for front load as well as for top load washing machine, contains the power of vibrating molecules that deeply penetrates the embedded stains removing them effectively.

The most important point that she said is 'SOAK NO MORE.' Those words fell like a soothing tone in my ears. I was completely relaxed. 

So just don't waste your so important and depleting resources, water, electricity and most importantly your energy and money. Don't wait just go for it!!

This post is entry for Soak NoMore Contest hosted by  Indiblogger. 

Do check out the link by clicking here. You can visit the Indiblogger page by clicking here.


  1. Juzz loved ur style of story telling...

  2. :) It brought a smile on my face... Nice indeed

  3. We both think on the similar lines. I like the touch of football player to it. And yes, t-shirts do shrink if we don't take care of them.

    Very nicely written. All the very best :)

    1. thanks a lot Saru :) I am overwhelmed:) and all the best to you too :)


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