Aug 31, 2012

You can't live in fear!

Saurabh Chawla |

Twenty four years of life
I spent in my parent's home
Tomorrow I will be a wife
In a world to me which is unknown

Finally the day has arrived
For a decision so momentous
My parents have strived
I have to be pretentious

A thought so implacable
That is making me so vigilant
I can't do what is impossible
I am left so stagnant

I don't know what to expect
I don't want to think either
I fear I might lose my respect
I am left to smother

The marriage is arranged one
I know nothing about the guy
He could have deceived everyone
With the actions not so sly

I have to play the gamble
It's the rule of the game
Life is such a long ramble
Only peace is what I aim

It's only the seeds to sow
And the fruits you have to bear
Soon the love will have to show
You can't live your life in fear 

This post is entry to Contest "Love Marriage Ya Arrange Marriage" hosted by Indiblogger and Sponsored by Sony Entertainment Television.

You can check out the link LoveYaArrange.

P.S. It's been a debate that Love Marriage is better or Arrange Marriage is better? Either of the two can be chosen. It all depends on the thinking and mutual understanding between the two life partners that has to be present in order to build up the trust. The path is long, lots of bumps will be there for sure. So make it a better life for you two.  

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