Sep 8, 2012

As hard as it gets!

Saurabh Chawla |

A feeling so strange
Building up in my heart
It has left me to derange
With a taste so tart

I still remember the day
When we started dating
Now you want me to stay
Only to face the berating

I tried my best till date
I know I made a vow
Now I tell you straight
You will get what you sow

The edifice which we built
Seems to be shattering
It is filled with nothing but guilt
It’s only the result of battering

I don’t know what went wrong
Whose mistake was the reason?
Still, I try to stand with you strong
Even if you dig my faith with treason

I have learnt not to lose hope
I am ready to give it another try
I know there is a narrow scope
But, I surmise this fact till I die

I will hold myself in poise
I don’t care what everybody perceives
I am not a person of disguise
For you, I will roll up my sleeves

I give up the acts of foment as it’s not right
Let’s paint a picture with those especial vignettes
I will stand by your side with my full might
We can fight, no matter as hard as it gets!


  1. Nice Poem! It just goes to show that life is not just like a fairy tale. It's these ups and downs that defines the life that we lead. In many relationships, the couple are off to a smooth start and break up at the first signs of trouble. But to stand against the test of times and to be with the other is what life is all about. Nicely written :-)

    1. thanks Ashwini :) actually compromise and perseverance depending on the situation helps alot :)

  2. Well balanced emotions of a break up .. that too with love n care without any rage which is not easy at the moment . Keep on the beautification of the words .


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