Sep 1, 2012

Surf Excel Matic Post Part 1

Saurabh Chawla |

Eons ago in a small village named Iktara lived a couple named Chandu and Roopmati. Chandu earned a living by washing clothes of the village people. He had been doing this for last ten years. But Kallu Dhobi was a competition. He had the competitive advantage of washing clothes the Maharaja Angara, the arrogant ruler of the village.

Nobody dared to touch the clothes of Angara except Kallu for washing purposes. Even the army of Angara let Kallu only to wash the clothes on the orders of Angara. He was the only one who could make the clothes shine and Angara was delighted as he could show his pride to the village people as well as to the neighboring rival village Chautara.

He outshone in the acts of valor against them many times in the past. Kallu was immensely happy as rewards he got from Angara were far outstretched from what he could ever dream of. One fine day, Roopmati was having a conversation with Chandu regarding Kallu's remarks which she overheard when she was on the way from Angara's palace where she worked.

'You know today I overheard Kallu.' She said curtly.

Chandu was already tired after a day's long work of washing clothes was reluctant to listen to her remarks. But she continued implacably.

'He was talking about you,' she said and paused as she looked at the uninterested Chandu.

'What?' Chandu remarked. He was belligerent.

'Leave it; you don't want to listen to me!' She said frantically.

'It's just that I am tired of all day work! Can't you see?' He bellowed.

'Now continue what you were saying.' He said after a pause of about five seconds.

Roopmati was filly, beautiful young lady. Although having worked all day in the palace, she didn't feel even a pinch of tiredness. She was sassy even after doing the household chores after the work at the palace.  One thing that hurt her was that her husband didn't get the reputation he deserved and moreover she was hurt as he was not willing to change.

'I heard him making fun of you. He was boasting about his superiority over you. Even you have worked for five more years than him, but still he said that you are a loser!' she said implacably. Chandu tried hard to interject but in vain. Finally he got a chance to get heard.

'Listen I don't care what he says or what anybody says about me. I am what I am!' he exclaimed.

'Stop being a dork! Till when are we going to live in pittance?' she said. The words left to impervious ears of Chandu. He was feeling sleepy which she could sense by the incessant yawns. Alas! Indeed my yet another implausible attempt! She said to herself. They both slept the night away. Next morning they both had to go to work also.

The next day went on pretty well for both, a little fight over the same trivial issue.  Roopmati wanted Chandu to work with Kallu so that there is some better earning. Chandu on the other side had no plans working under Kallu. He was reluctant and resisted any or every opportunity that came his way regarding working with him.

Everyday Roopmati would pray in front of god to give some wisdom to Chandu but even now her belief in god was shattered. She had slowly accepted the true fact that nothing was going to change in her life. But she kept trying with a hope that one day will surely come when all her desires will be fulfilled.

Will she be able to convince God? Will God grant her the wish for which she was aiming?

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