Sep 4, 2012

Surf Excel matic Post Part 2

Saurabh Chawla |

It was a tiring day for Chandu. Still some clothes were left which he had to wash and deliver the next day.  He was approached by Kallu.

'I am giving you another chance Chandu!' Kallu said beseechingly.

'Why are you offering me to work with you again and again? I have told you my decision and that's final!' He scowled.

'What will you do after sometime when you will not have work? I guess... begging?' Kallu laughed in mirth.

'I prefer you should mind your own business rather than poking your nose into mine!' Chandu said wringing the last piece of cloth.

'Enough is enough, you are going to suffer!' Kallu scoffed. He strode away from there.

Soon the darkness started enveloping the village. I will soak them overnight and wash them in the morning. Chandu said to himself as he saw the pile of clothes to be washed. He soaked them and went to his home nearby. He saw Roopmati engrossed in 'Puja'. She was standing in front of the idol joining hands praying for something.

'Nothing is going to happen!' Chandu said.

'Don't say like this. If God will want we will be rich!' she said with a glee.

'Could you stop being foolish. I will believe when some miracle will happen!' he said sternly.

'You will see!' she said. They both went to sleep. The thundering of the clouds was growing. This night is not going to be easy. It was raining relentlessly. Chandu marveled about the next morning what would happen. If this weather prevailed, the already washed clothes will not dry up till morning.

Next day was a normal day. Chandu woke up as usual and went to work on the ghat. But a gaffe happened. He saw the clothes which he had soaked the last night were drying up on rope. The other clothes have also dried. Most importantly, they had a shine which he only dreamt of. Who did this?
He was lost in his thoughts when Roopmati came there. Seeing this, a smile suffused on her face. From inside she was sure that her prayers had been answered.

'Now you believe the miracle?' she said excitedly.

Chandu was wondering what to say. It was in front of his eyes. He could see everything lucidly. Secretly he wanted to see Kallu's look on seeing the luster of the clothes. He knew that they had finally arrived. This happened almost every night, especially on the days when he left the clothes to soak overnight.

One day when the couple was chit chatting about the Chandu's prodigy, they heard someone scuffing at their hut's entrance. They were overwhelmed to see the ruler Maharaja Angara himself. He had come there to hire Chandu for himself as well as his army for washing their clothes. The gaffe that night had turned the couple's life by 360 degrees. Kallu visited Chandu again, not for offering the work to him but to work with him.

But still something was not clear in Chandu's mind. How did it happen? This is a question which was unanswered since that mysterious night. Then he heard a voice that echoed from the skies. It said 'After a century, there will be a detergent powder named Surf Excel Matic. That powder will revolutionize the way of washing the clothes as it will require no soaking of clothes before washing!'

If Chandu would have been present today he would love to see that that Aakashwani has been a truth today. Thanks to Surf Excel Maticwhich has made this dream possible and made the nightmare of soaking the clothes vanish in dust. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your Surf Excel Matic today!

Some say that was an alien attack, some don't believe the story. Some say it’s a myth. What you all say?  

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