Sep 6, 2012

Nature's call, soak no more!

Saurabh Chawla |

Billions of years ago I was born
Something unique I possessed
A deep blue shade made me adorn
Among the nine I was only blessed

I carry lots of iron in my heart
I know I need to be strong
It's very difficult to tear me apart
But, I don't know for how long?

I have the layers of protection
Enveloping me throughout
Kissing you all with affection
Something you can't do without

It's very hard to sustain life
Step in my shoes, take my place
A matter which is not so rife 
I fight with evils in the outer space

Now the resources are depleting
With a pace which is so fast
I am afraid if it goes on repeating
I realize I will be left aghast

Look at the photograph of me
I am sorry I can't make faces 
No, no, please don't try to flee
It's the result of those poisonous gases

I endeavor hard to keep in poise
My encumbrance you can't comprehend
Nobody is there to settle my inward noise
I am the only one who's with me to defend

I have no choice but to beseech
I need your affection, I need your adore
Something I want you to preach

This post is entry for the contest 'SOAK NO MORE' hosted by Indiblogger and Sponsored by Surf Excel Matic.

Do check out the link here. You can also check out the Indiblogger page by clicking here.

P.S. Our earth is pleading to us to stop these heinous actions of emission of green house gases, cutting down of trees, wastage of water and other non renewable resources of energy. We should use them, but wisely. They are in abundance, agreed, but if we go on wasting them like this, life will cease to exist on this lovely planet of ours!


  1. Nicely written. Great that you have used this contest to spread the message of saving our planet earth. We need millions of champions who can spread the message of conservation.

    1. yeah you are absolutely right. If this continues then floods, tsunamis and other natural calamities will be common on our earth.


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