Sep 27, 2012

You are what you think!

Saurabh Chawla | |
We often are left unsatisfied about everything in our life. Whatever we do, if it goes right, it is fine but what if it does not go according to our expectations, we become irritated. We start scowling, berating, and cursing our fate for doing this wrong. Oh god! Why me? This is not enough.

Well, you may wonder at this for sure. The outcome is what we think about the situation. This is what we feel, how we react, how we tackle the situation at hand is all what matters. I also was in a fix that why everything is happening to me only. All was not going right, something was wrong. I blamed everybody around me, even the air also. Yeah, air also!   Can you believe it? No I guess.

I read many books about motivation, inspiration. One which I came along was 'The Secret.' This one was quite interesting read. The most important thing about that was the law of attraction. Most of us have seen 'Om Shanty Om' and of course it’s most repeated dialogue (in film obviously)
Agar tum Kisi cheez ko shiddat se chaho to poori kayanat tumhe usse milane me lag jati hai!

Going by the laws of physics, I am sure that universe is surely infinite with no ends where one can ever reach. Coming back to my topic of discussion here, earlier I also thought the same. But somewhat it can be true also. Looking back in history, there are many examples who did achieve many things in life with the help of controlling their thinking.

After I related he theory of the power of thinking to my life, I looked back to my happier times and my worse times. I realized that whenever I wanted something badly, I did everything, yeah almost everything to get that thing and sooner or later I got it. If you also think about the times when you wanted something and you got it. We often forget about everything when we get it.

I was always taught by my parents, my friends o always think big. I also sometimes laugh by saying that when you think about Porsche Carrera GT you will get BMW or when you aim for securing 90% in your exams you will get 80% or in some cases even 70%. The point is to think big. The only thing that matters is your effort and perseverance in order to fulfill your dreams.

I always averted my eyes from the reasons that actually lead to my failures, some way or the other I was doing same mistake again and again but when I realized that I made a big change in my routine.
Believe me it helped a lot. I can't stand a cheap thinker at all. Even if I have to spend my time with anyone like that, I would enjoy myself whether he or she likes that or not. My fund is to enjoy the time wherever I am.

Today, people don't have time. There is lack of patience in everybody. Each one is blaming other else. Common man is blaming the government for all the increased prices, the taxes etcetera. But if you look closely, we are the ones who is the problem actually. We are not ready in fact willing to change. Whatever the point maybe, we need some improvement for sure. Recently, I read an article about the fine to be levied on absence of number plate. What they think? Everybody has money. People will give fine and get away with it.

The point is that law should be made so strict that people think ten times before breaking it, agreed that people don't have time because of technology today. Well, if we look closely, we achieve when we do want that thing to be achieved.  Hope you all are doing great and enjoyed reading it. Remember one thing, think BIG. Always look at the brighter side and be positive. God has given one life to live, why not life it with no regrets. :)

Thanks for reading :)  

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