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Where there is a will, there is a way!

Good morning to all the readers. First of all, I would like to offer my sincere apology for not posting for so long. Busy schedule I suppose. Ah! After a lot of hustle and bustle in my life, today I got the chance to express myself yet again which I have been trying to do since past few days.

I would like to write about something that is quite rife in today's world. People already must have read about it many times with most of them having experienced themselves too!  We all have often heard that one should be positive; one should not give up easily. I also as usual because I am also a human have given a serious thought to this matter.

I recollected all my memories one day when I was free from all the distractions (although it's very rare). With each passing thought about my experience till now,  I realized, in fact I came to a conclusion that it has percolated all over my mind. Seriously, when I was about to counter it with all sorts of questions that my brain has shot, I was not able to each to any satisfactory answer.

I realized that in my school days when I liked mathematics very much, I was not ready to give up on any question which I was not able to solve the first time. I still remember that I had spent almost 10 hours in one day (maximum which I can think of) for a small question whose answer was merely in 3 to 4 lines, but the point is that I didn't lose my confidence and kept on trying.

When I was admitted for my engineering, I had no interest in computers until when I was in second year, I started reading reviews, the articles, I was updated every time about the latest trends, technologies in the PC world. I remember when a friend of mine who didn't know about my knowledge of computers at that time had tried to play fool on me.

Later on when he saw my build, he was left agape. I still laugh at that moment. Now also I try to keep up that spirit and keep learning about new things whenever I have time, although the pace has slowed down but I am not stopping it at all. I remember speaking to the PC world magazine about submitting any technical articles but they refused as they feared about handing over their business to an inexperienced person.

I also came across a person who became my friend at that time and he was doing his engineering in computers but didn't have knowledge of how to format a computer and install Windows in his Third Year! Sounds unbelievable Na! I am still in a fix that how did he was promoted in third year! Well leave that now as I am literally yawning now: P. Well, I guess I would not be discussing more as it will bore you all so I decide to end my post here only.


Thank you all for reading and the best part motivating me to write. :)

Enjoy and keep motivating. :)


  1. The moment one gives up it is over. So rather than giving up one can retreat and attempt the attack from another side.

    1. I think giving up is something which is not the case every time sometimes one takes a break and then strikes back with a bigger bang !!

  2. loved the post..and i am a person who truly believe in thiz golden proverb. giving up can only make you stagnant in life, while to go ahead we need to keep trying.

    well written :)


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