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Today, bring out the child within you!

Good morning to all my readers. Hope you all had a nice day yesterday. Today after the diwali celebrations, most of you would be tired. There is no doubt if many of you are still in bed.
Today is 14th November, the day of great importance for all, especially for children. Yes today we all will celebrate 'CHILDREN'S DAY'.

Nowadays, the meaning of children has changed to a large extent. I remember when I was a kid, I hardly knew what a PC or mobile can do but now if you look at any kid out they will ask you, 'Do you have a PS3?'  And I go like :O. Today children are more advanced than the adults and I have no qualms saying that.

The brain development that has taken place in so many years is evident that the children today have transformed a lot. We need to understand the requirements and knowledge these small kids possess. Believe me or not, but fooling a kid is somewhat getting tougher and tougher as every children's day is passing every year.

The upbringing also plays a major role. Today there are toys, games never imagined before. Today kids know the names of brands of every product that they find attractive. I am not surprised now as I used to be earlier when a kid approaches me who knows the brands BMW, Mercedes. But I was shocked when he asked me to buy a 'Porsche'. I silently smiled, told him that it's very expensive. You all want to guess what he said? He said 2.5 Crores ki hi to hai!

They are young children, young dreams. Sounds good but some limit should be posted on them, don't you think? Well, that does not just can be done overnight, but slowly, with lot of patience which is needed to be imbibed. I still miss my childhood days when I used to watch cartoons. I used to watch 'The Mask, Swat Kats etc.' on cartoon network. There was only one channel for cartoons.

Children today no matter are smart enough, but still they remain small in our eyes. Innocence can't be driven out of them which sound somewhat cute, really cute. Today, I would be celebrating the day with my memories of childhood days. Yes I would be watching the old cartoons, do crazy stuff as I used to do when I was a kid. It sounds crazy, but there are times when you should unleash the child within you.

So what you all say? Today, bring out the child within you!

Wish you all a very happy children's day!


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