Dec 3, 2012

Finally a relief!

Saurabh Chawla |

Firstly I would like to apologize for being absent for quite a while from my blog. I hope you all missed me. Well, there have been several issues plaguing me lately. Sometime, I was busy reading or sometime engrossed in work, tight schedules and working deadlines set by me though.

Anyways, the primary issue which was holding me back from posting on my blog was a kidney stone removal. Although I was reading and working all this time but being pulled back from writing as I was not able to sit to write on chair much as it pained me like hell.

The surgery performed was indeed a relief from my kidney swelling but the pain, the infection that lead to my visit to the hospital quite frequent took me by surprise. I had all tests done and found out that I was suffering from E.coli bacterial infection which blasted my brains out. It pained a lot. Later, after 1 week I was told that a stent has been placed in my ureter so that it might not collapse closing the path from ureter to bladder.

I was like feeling restless for entire two days. 'I am doomed', I thought. And moreover, it has to be removed in 3 weeks. Somehow, I managed to convince my mind that I have to face that Operation Theater again. Moreover, the stent also started troubling me. I was dying to have it remove it instantly from my body.

The day arrived. I was fully ready to get it removed, I lay on the operation theatre bed for 5 minutes and after all the formalities they pulled it out with a slight discomfort. After, returning back home, I was feeling much relaxed and lighter. I closed my eyes, gave it a thought. All the images running vividly like a film in my head, I realized that it was nothing but my minds game. The time never stays still, if you are under these circumstances, stay calm, it helped me and I am sure it will help you too.

Whether you may or may not be in a bad phase of life, remember, it will pass on. Pain makes you stronger. We think the opposite. I have tried it; I am trying it now also, will preach this for sure in my life.

I have been strong
For my life so long
Pain has come and gone  
Like a never ending storm 

I try to convince my mind
Open the knots which tend to bind
I will surely make it a belief
To say all time, finally it's a relief!


  1. Glad you are ok .Yes difficulties pass if we are patient.

    1. thanks Indu :) yes I am slowly building up this in me ........patience is a virtue :)


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