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Merry Christmas!

Lately, there have been several issues hovering over my mind. Like the most recent one being the world ending on 21 December, the issue which kept me waiting silently till the day ended making me realizes that it was all a hoax. A misconception that was forced creepily in everybody's mind for over more than a year I guess.

Here we are, welcoming the 25th December 2012, and on that occasion I would like to raise a toast to all the people out there who are lucky like me to celebrate a beautiful day with your family and to those who would enjoy this day with their special some ones too. Of course, how can I forget the great personalities who are not with us but somewhere silently viewing all of us, smiling, enjoying and obviously celebrating Christmas also?

Well today is a day when my memories of childhood take control over me. The way I hanged socks on the wall projection of my balcony still catches my undue attention leaving me unanswerable to the question, "Was I that stupid?"

We always have been taught that Santa will come clan in his red and white dress, fat like a balloon, shoving off his cotton like white beard, wavering his hands on his sides in the open air around him, will present you with all the gifts you want that too from a cute little bag of his swaying besides football like waist. The most fascinating point about him is that it was all for free with nothing he may ask in return.

I did all that was sufficient to get one that special gift which would range from candies to small video games with different wishes every year which would mean nothing for Santa as they were merely expensive for a magician like him. But then a cloud of thoughts hovered above me which I decided to clear out with my mother "Was just a one sock enough for a video game?" to which my mother replied curving her lips with a smile "Here, take this bag." passing to me a huge bag to which I gave a tight hug to her thanking her for her unconditional support.

The wait for the night started usually to which I was very impatient but couldn't do anything to change the course of nature's phenomenon of day and night cycle except to wait eagerly for the Santa Clause  to appear from somewhere in the skies with the things I wished for. I still remember making special arrangements for Santa to show up which included a very much decorated Christmas tree.

To my surprise it ended waking up in bed, rubbing my sleepy eyes, wondering how did I reach there and hopeless for the next Christmas influenced mainly due to absence of Santa the previous night. The hopelessness was reversed to hopefulness because of the gifts that were slipped into the bag very intelligently by one of my family members only to bring a smile on my face. But still, something was amiss, only a glance of Santa, just curiosity to know how he looked.

Later as I grew older, understood that the gifts were provided by my own family and there is no Santa took me aback. I did not believe anyone who said that there is no Santa Clause. Finally I was made to surmise the fact that no Santa Clause existed ever but somewhere at the back of my crazy head, I am still waiting for my fatso cute looking, clan in red dress, carrying a  bag full of gifts Santa especially for me with a belief that on some Christmas eve, he might show up.

For this Christmas I do not want any gift except the life of the Delhi gang rape victim to be saved so that she will be able to punish the gruesome people who had crossed all the limits by committing a not so rife crime marking yet another black dot on humanity.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope that this day will bring happiness, cheer in lives of all.


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