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Be positive!

Many times we all come across situations which force us to bend on the other side of the game of life.
But actually, instead of bending to the wrong side, if we look at the ultimate aim discarding all the temporary conflicts which are just a guest in our life? Or I would say an unwanted guest to be more precise. Now we have two options left with us in order to deal with the unwanted guests, either to go along with them or to kick them out of your life once and for all.

I bring to you below the most common reasons which I observed to be the ones because of which we are very much tempted to change our track by boarding the wrong train:

Reason #1: Failure

I list this as the number one cause for heading to the negative side of life as this one is increasing day by day. The resistance to tackle with failure is decreasing in us for several factors playing a role. The worst factor is impatience which leads us to conclude that there is no life for us even if we fail even once. Why do we hesitate to take a chance once again? Why to turn your back towards a mere defeat?
The problem is we fail to give it a try and nothing else. Just give it another shot and see the results for yourself.

Reason #2: Relationship troubles

This one is the second most common factor as observed by me which leads us to the wrong side of the track. We are simply programmed in such a way that we don't believe the fact that if it's not working then it's not. The simple workaround is never to let yourself down and try and look for the best possible solution.

Reason #3: Being poor

The third reason for turning against the usefulness of life is being poor either economically or physically, but why to compare your life to anybody else's life. Everybody has its own life. Remember, comparisons kill the zeal to get along with life! The situations can be changed; it just requires the willingness which comes from within.

Reason #4:  Office troubles

This one is not that much difficult to explain I guess. With growing corporate culture, we are often tangled by work pressure woes which seem endless. But have you ever thought why does it happen? No! We just blame on each and everyone around us for this life and foremost we blame god whom we ourselves never saw. The one solution which comes to my mind is to keep a track of things which led to the bad results besides the ones which led to the good results. This way, the trouble can vanish.

If you still can't get the things straight, then think about the great personalities like Abraham Lincoln who never feared of failure but instead he moved forward in life staring fear in its eyes. Stephen Hawking, being both physically & mentally dead, is still a remarkable personality who made things easier for the researchers, scientists.

Just look around, there are plenty of reasons to live this life as beautiful as ever. The failures are nothing but a test for you to know that you can do much better than this. Change the flow of thoughts and see the magic for yourself!


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