Jan 28, 2013

I wish!

Saurabh Chawla |

"I wish I had opted for my hair removal"

Under the clear night sky
The moon lightened our way
I held her close, she let out a sigh
Lost in each other, what we could say?

The cold breeze that flew across her
Gently brushing her smooth silky skin
Within pleasing touch of air, enclosed we were
I waited for this moment whole life, eager to let it begin

The gentle touch of hot air on my lips
Breathing heavily, it was so tough for her
A moment worth a wait, our lips locked in a kiss
It all turned away, something that led her to deter

It was all my bad luck, fate's disapproval
I agree for that I deserve a bash
I wish I had opted for my stubble removal
As she suffered from a beard rash!

So a request to all men out there, please shave off your hard stubble in order to enjoy a smooth silky skin like experience and don't let her down! 

This post is a part of the Gillette Satin Care contest in association with BlogAdda.com


  1. That's a lovely poem from a guy's perspective. Even I am writing a poem on this contest prompt. Good luck Saurabh. I loved the second stanza, specially the way you ended it.


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