Jan 25, 2013

The crush!

Saurabh Chawla |

lovers walking on the beach
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Driving down on the freeway
Slowing down by the quiet lake
Her hands in mine gently lay
A longing of relief to the rising ache

Not knowing where the path goes
Just heading straight unaware
With her aside me so close
What people say I don't care?

Her gleaming brown eyes
That took my heart away
No, I didn't have to prise
With her only it has to lie

The journey so beautiful
Never till now has it been
I give up on the inner struggle
Now, even the dry grass looks green

The contemplation now I surmise
Seeing her, I get a great adrenaline rush
I believe it can't be a disguise
First it was, and last it will be on her the crush!

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