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The change people need!

change is what people need

Quite recently we heard the crime has taken its toll on people not only in India but also in the world. The best example to be cited for this is the shootout in USA when a shootout or better called as a revenge attack left whole of USA horrified. What are the reasons that these are increasing day by day? Every time I pick up a newspaper, I see news or the other of such gruesome killings. What has happened to the humanity?  People have become so inhuman these days that they don't even think once of hurting others. Several questions pop up in my mind which is based on this issue.

Well I alone cannot solve this issue on my own but I can surely share my opinion that has led to the increase of such inhuman activities. Everybody wants to be in a peaceful society. Everyone wants decency in their neighborhood to be maintained. For this, they blame others every time when something goes awry. But, instead they can look within themselves for answers. Below I list out my opinion to address this increasing crimes issue whether it is murders or thefts or increasing harassment and assault cases, one thing people need is to change.

Change #1: Stay dependent on people, not on gadgets!

With the technology era growing at the speed of light, people have become dependent on their laptops, palmtops, smart phones etc.  They have forgotten about people (the real people) around them. The cause of concern here is that people have become so addicted to their gadgets that they search for peace in so much disturbing world of World Wide Web. Unknowingly of the fact that real people will stand by them in the need of the hour, not the Smartphone or the laptop!

Recommendation: Spare some time to be with your family and friends. Spend time online, but to that much extent only which you can bear health wise as well as wealth wise.

Change #2: Build some patience with room for growth

Patience is a virtue. I would recommend practicing it. Nothing can be gained overnight. Just wait for the right moment to come your way. The problem aggravates when you don't wait for the right time.

Recommendation: Be patient in every aspect whether in a traffic jam or whatever phases your life brings to you.

Change #3: Accept what has been given to you

The third obvious factor of concern is people not satisfied with what they are getting. A poor man dreams of being rich. A rich man dreams of getting richer. In this battle for money, they forget to live. I am not saying not to do anything and stay like this forever. But I mean to say that not to get too much involved or stressed out that you forget about yourself.

Recommendation: Live your life to the fullest. Each and every second is important. Once an important moment is gone, it will never come back. Make sure to make full out of it.

Change #4: Believe whatever happens, happens for good

This one might lead you all to abuse me. You might ask if my so called boyfriend/girlfriend left me, what's good in that. Well, if you consider the whole scenario behind this reason, what would happen if you are bound to spend a life with a person whom either you don't love that much or he/she doesn't like you that much? It would be hell for whole life rather than this hell for a month or two!

Recommendation: The realization happens later in life. We sometimes curse god for doing wrongs with us but in actual it’s the opposite. It is for the right only. We realize it with time, that's it!

I will not bore you all with any more of it. I hope you all get the point that I want to pitch across to you all.  Any more suggestions which you feel I missed are welcome wholeheartedly.
I believe, simply by following certain old rules in this new modern world, we still can make it a better place to live.


  1. The day each of us realise that we are precious in the sight of God and God wants the best for each of us, we would enjoy our lives.

    1. truely said JK. But people realise it quite later in life!

  2. Whatever happens may not be for the good. Yet I like your post.

    1. don't be on the negative side my friend. thanks :) believe me sometimes it takes some time to realise but it happens for good :)


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