Jan 3, 2013

The road less travelled!

Saurabh Chawla |

 For all these long years I spent
Lost trying to travel on many ways
Guided by the unsought intent
The infinite path ahead me which stays

I have changed many directions
Turning from north to south, left to right
At times with objections, at times due to rejections
But still, destination is very far from sight

The years which seem to pass on very slowly
Congealing my dreams just suffice to stop their happening
The route is tough, often leading to acts that are unholy
A bit steady I stand out, but the blows have been dampening

The journey will not be completed so smoothly
At times you will give up, sometimes it will be exhausting
Seldom, you will find the people showering love profusely
At last, you will be like a zombie as a result of fomenting

In this voyage, have a careful look around, be alert
You will notice a road along which will leave you dazzled
The road will make you cold, obnoxious to avert
Don't think twice, just walk along as it's the road less traveled!

So never give up, continue the voyage in search of the road that will lead you to the ultimate goal of your life no matter if the search lasts till eternity!


  1. Hmm...quite motivational poem!!
    Well done!!

  2. Beautiful work Saurabh, I told you, you are very good in writing poetry. And I will check your stories too :)

  3. Yes continue the journey/voyage. But its not always that one finds his/her destination but nevertheless the journey has to continue. Nice poem.

    1. one does reach somewhere. Whether his/her own planned destination or destined one. :) thanks :)


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