Jan 7, 2013

To you only I am bound!

Saurabh Chawla |
I am standing by the night
Waiting for the surprise
With all my left might
Which I could only surmise

The contemplation is so strong
Pretty much more than being sufficed
That carries me with itself along
It's really hard to convince my edifice

It's been so long since then
Now, I am not able to hold on
I am tired of delving like a fen
I still think of the times foregone

The tear that rolled down your cheek
Which you thought I took hardheartedly
You don't know, it made me so weak 
I had no choice but to do it assertively

I will not give up no matter what comes my way 
I will keep waiting by the night like a rock
It's only one thing to you I want to say
I will stay like this even if I suffer a hard knock

I remember the first touch which I can't forget
That cold feeling when you were around 
Till you come, I will weave those especial vignettes
I confess that it's only you and you to whom I am bound!


  1. Wow. Such powerful words. Awesome :-)

  2. your words have magnetic power....wow...this is an awesome piece of writing...
    well done!!

  3. nice lines and intense
    keep writing :)



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