Feb 7, 2013


Saurabh Chawla |

The journey has been so long
On the weary roads of life
Gaining the things, to you they belong
Not all, as some are lost in a strife 

Countless miles you have covered
With an infinite miles more to go
You are drenched by drops showered
Falling one by one with a pace so slow

You have tried hard to contemplate
You have tried hard to surmise
More hardly it accumulates
Lastly what you have is suffice

You keep on climbing till roof
Not knowing what you will get
Whether it is near by or aloof
With closed eyes, you place the bet

The dark clouds filled with water
At peak all is achieved, nothing is left
Soaking you to the soul like a blotter
Telling you that like the drops, you are not bereft! 


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