Feb 3, 2013


Saurabh Chawla |
Running across the streets
Aimless, looking here and there
Searching for the one I saw
Holding the unusual heart beats

My intentions were not bad
I didn't meant to stalk her
Looking up at the aching night
The moment turned from happy to sad

The inner desires, difficult to comply
One moment I needed to stay calm
Other one brought a roaring wave
Just wanted to give it another try

As usual she moved away from me
The contemplation was obvious
Surroundings turned out to be too quiet
No choice left, rather than to accept it with glee

I have never learned to give up
Neither shall I try
It doesn't depend on the situation
Again, the time is to buck up

The final moment has arrived 
Aimless journey felt aimless no more
The calmness in her gaze was a comfort
I confess truly it was not contrived!


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