Feb 25, 2013


Saurabh Chawla |

From the fears down deep, you try to take a plunge
You may fail many times, but at times you may succeed
The uncanny feeling of being watched by strangers
All I want to say to all is that I don't have any grudge 
Failure is the first step one takes to succeed

The cyclones one has to chase all his life
Sometimes one may get away, at times clouded
The vision so blurry, one has to dig through for the way
The only salvation is this from the inward strife
Failure is the first step one takes to succeed

In spite of tiredness, one might have to loathe the ground 
The ringing so loud never seems to settle down
Hope is the key; never lose the faith in yourself
That's all to carry you forward with the sound
Remember, failure is the first step one takes to succeed!


  1. wonderfully penned saurabh . As is known ' Greatness takes birth from adversities ' . Your poem highlights the depth of this saying in a very beautiful manner :)

  2. Hi,
    Visiting your site for the first time...thanks to bloggers.com. Very well written and emotions well mirrored. I love to read poems like this which portrays just one of the myriad situations life takes us through. Keep writing.I am a new blogger trying to find my way around. Will appreciate it if you could read the only poem i have posted and leave your comments.

    Love to read more of yours.

    1. thanks Sugy :) sure I will go through yours :)

  3. Hope is the key, never lose faith in yourself. Beautiful and very true lines.

  4. A positive take on failure...
    Good one


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