Feb 13, 2013


Saurabh Chawla |

From the time as old as mankind till the present day
Thou have tried always to keep foment at bay
Surmising the deeds that made you to wonder
What went wrong in the path that made a blunder?

Looking up in the skies, eyes reaching the eternity 
Tired of all, you attract the evils of modernity
From the weary body you try to shed away the calluses
The limit is reached, when you can't take the abuses

The creator wouldn't be happy as you think
The pleas you make to him lose their sync
If thou remember him in the times you need
The indication is you are fulfilling your greed

The materialism, the luxury can impress for sure
To the deepest core ever imagined, more you lure
The learning goes on, never defined the brim
But don't forget, in all situations to recite the hymn!

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