Feb 4, 2013

Plea of a woman!

Saurabh Chawla |

Looking up the sky so high
Impossible to measure its height
She took a deep sigh
When she saw nothing in sight

The cotton clouds were flying
Not possible for her to catch
From inside she was slowly dying
Her soul held her by a latch

She had learnt the perseverance
She will have to go on
Showing a deep rooted reverence
Whether to her it was known or unknown

The time is the best healer
She has failed to recognise
You can't act like a dealer
The truth which she now surmise

Pointing at the dark grey cloud overhead
She lets out a roaring scream
A plea to the universal shepherd
Cursing him for failure of her dreams

She skipped the sleep many nights
Her eyes shut tight in darkness
Her mind traversing painful sights
Wondering why all she met were heartless?

The darkness slowly faded away
The answer was given to her in a blink
Holding the pieces together she heard him say
Look deep within my child, and thou shall not sink!


  1. Last line was the gist. You ended it perfectly. I loved the expression, 'cotton clouds.'

    1. Agree with Saru here + the thoughts are precisely stated and the images they create are vivid.

    2. thanks a lot Vaishali. I am glad that you can relate it.


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