Feb 12, 2013


Saurabh Chawla |

The life so beautiful, why to destroy it with wrath
The hypnosis of materialism, leads to wrong path
Thou may be confined to pain, impossible to flee
Straining you deeply, but still face it with a glee
Respect is something you can't get for free

From ground zero you begin, striding to the top
Clearing all the milestones, kept for you to stop
The tests are conducted for your own benchmark
You may win or lose, you can't build Noah's ark
Respect is something you can't get for free

Thou shall find the hidden treasures, not outside
A common place unknown to all, close to you it reside
People's unscrupulous talks keep messing up my mind
They want something in return, to which you are bind
Respect is something you can't get for free 

Earning it requires a patience that of a colossal
Entwined it is, you need to be your own apostle  
It slowly keeps growing on, just take the decree
With roots dug deep below, like that of a tree
Respect is something you can't get for free


  1. I like the theme... and the opening line as well...
    "Respect is something you can't get for free " -- so true... very well done.

    1. yeah its a give and take affair as well as hardly earned asset :) thank you so much. I am glad you liked it

  2. Reminds of me of a quote, "Respect is never demanded, it is always commanded."

    A beautifully written poem :)

    1. absolutely right you are Saru :) it is something earned over a long period and gone in a matter of few seconds! Thanks a lot :)

  3. Refreshing to read and simple as well...


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