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Sweet memories

The sun shone bright after quite a long time on a chilly winter day. Looking at a flower shop in front of her, Tina moved forward. She wanted to buy some flowers for Rahul. After all it was valentine's day. Their friends had already planned a surprise party for the couple that night. Secretly, Rahul was included in the plan. The shop seemed old. The wooden white door made a creaky noise every time any one entered or left the shop. Tina slowly opened the door making sure not to push too hard. A pretty looking young woman at the other side of the reception welcomed her with a smile. Being a special day for couples, it was obvious to see a shop like that to be crowded.

The young lady stood up from her seat. She wanted to show some of her best collections to Tina who seemed lost in her own small world. Maybe she was confused which flowers to pick. After a demonstration for about fifteen minutes, she took a small bouquet consisting of  mixture flowers. It comprised primarily of red roses, her favorite white lilies. She paid the lady  and thanked her for her great help. Walking out of the shop, she decided to call Rahul. She fished out her mobile from her bag. They decided to meet in the evening at seven. Tina took a taxi for home. She wanted to catch some sleep before meeting him. 

Dressed in a black spaghetti, she walked towards a greyish brown Honda City. Unaware that the party had been planned by Rahul himself just to give her a surprise. Rahul wanted to give her a surprise of her life. "Looking beautiful!" complimented Rahul. "Thank You!", she responded. After a drive of twenty minutes, they reached the farmhouse. All this time, she was thinking of the past memories. The time she first met him, the time spent by them together. The cute fights, the time he proposed to her, their first valentines day! All seemed like it was just yesterday only.

Four years ago, Rahul and Tina met at a family function. Tina was a friend of his cousin. Secretly, they started meeting after college hours. At that time, he never knew that he would be so close to someone. It was just impossible for him to realize that he had fallen for her. The long talks on phone during the nights were simply irresistible for both. She was just lost in the sweet memories that she didn't realize that they were already at the farmhouse. Rahul had opened the door and was looking at lost Tina. Brushing off her cloud of thoughts, she stepped out of car. 

"Why are you smiling like that?" she asked teasingly. "Nothing! Just wanted to capture that moment forever". She stopped hearing this. Rahul kept walking not knowing that he was speaking to himself. He turned back and saw Tina with tears in her eyes. He went back to know the reason of her crying. "Hey, what happened?" asked Rahul surprised by the unwanted gesture. One thing he couldn't stand was Tina crying. Rubbing her thumbs on her cheeks to brush off the tears, he hugged her tightly. She responded with drawing him tightly towards herself. "I love You!" she said crying even more. "I love you too!" said  Rahul trying hard to calm her down. They moved towards the entrance. Rahul was caressing her shoulders. He wanted to make sure that she was fine. 

He opened the door lock as they entered the premises. It was dark inside. Suddenly she realized that she was alone in there. The feeling of Rahul with him seemed to fade away. She kept shouting his name but came no reply. She even tried to find the switch to turn on the lights, but she was not able to. After about five minutes, Rahul and his friends decided not to tease her any more. Tina was still calling out his name. Suddenly the lights were turned on. "Happy Valentines day!" the room echoed as she saw the gathering. But still somewhere she was looking for him. Rahul was not in sight. Suddenly her attention drew to someone's touch behind her. She turned back to see Rahul holding her hand. Opening a small heart shaped box, he took out a diamond ring.

The moment she waited for so long was in front of her. It was the best valentines day for her. 

Today after ten long years, looking back at the time, Tina can't stop his memories to sneak in her mind! 

A short fiction!


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