Feb 23, 2013

The healing!

Saurabh Chawla |
Looking back at the memories that cloud my thoughts
The journey has been on so weary roads of life
I wonder how people survive their inner strife
I have learned how to slowly connect the dots

They say patience is a virtue, hard to attain, I feel
Covering a million miles in a single life seems less
Holding on makes you a mere pawn in the game of chess
I agree that you might face with many issues harder to deal

Her look that is breath taking is all I want to be left with
The shades so attractive that even can't be formed on a palette
I agree to the so obvious envy of thy on my palate
Something a long time ago I considered as a myth

Like a glass, I have been through a process of annealing
The injuries deep down in me, a result of wrath
The extreme coldness of water I can't feel when I bath
As the warmth of her touch is enough for the healing!


  1. "I have learned how to slowly connect the dots"
    So beautifully carved out. I loved the lower half verse. Truly, how love heals your numbness is so elusive. Kudos!!!
    Silly Smiles... Take you Miles :)


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