Feb 6, 2013

This is Life!

Saurabh Chawla |
Few years after the birth
Not bothered by anything
You live happily in the mirth
The time is as short as a fling

Slowly and steadily growing
You keep on the learning
Can be compared to rowing
A path to fulfill your yearning

The troublesome adult you become
Slightly free slightly adhered
Talking when you need to stay mum
The principles which at times you not revered

Then comes the time of a little maturity
When several people surround you 
The peak is attained, all you need is security
Only the good for oneself you want to accrue

Passing on the age of adulthood
Seeing your kids growing up
Prodding them things what they should
When you look yourself in closeup

Finally comes the time to retire
The time comes for all, it's so rife
Make sure you do deeds that inspire
'Cause my friend, all I say is this is life!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot :) I jjust tried to show the different phases of life through which every one has to go. Thanks for the read :)

  2. All the phases of life are so neatly depicted..liked it..

    1. Thanks a lot odyzz. I am glad you can relate it :)

  3. The greatest irony of human life is that it would take more than a lifetime to know everything about it..
    Wellz very beautifully recited different paradigms of a life..!!

  4. At the end of one's life does one come to know what really life is! such an irony. nice one.


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