Mar 3, 2013

An angel!

Saurabh Chawla |
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From heaven far above, came an angel
All was transformed from sad to happy
Not knowing what will please the one
Some tried with a toy, others with fable

The moment of smile filled the hearts with joy
The moment of cries left all wondering why?
Whatever it was, it kept everyone there busy
For so long all waited to adore the act so coy

Getting a gift of a doll with hair that moved in a swirl
Unexpected for all it was, it smile slowly faded away
Something for all was not inevitable turned out the same
Scared she was, after all she was only a little girl!

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  1. That is reality piercing through words. I have seen many small kids behave in a similar manner. :)

  2. Haha :D
    Well!!! Like repels Like. So little girl got afraid of little doll :P I'm sure I caught the theme, ain't I??
    Cheers Sir!!!
    Silly Smiles... Take you Miles :)

    1. hahaha :D of course you did :) thanks a lot :)

  3. sweet poem.. but i was wondering why she was scared of the doll.. am i missing something? or is she a tomboy?

    1. actually I tried to show that the family was expecting that she would be happy but like few kids get scared on seeing a toy for first time, she was one of them....Hope I made it clear now :)

    2. ohh ok now i got it :) but i havent met any lil girl in my life who got scared with the toy :p sorry.. thts y took some time to understand the concept.. anyways the first two stanzas made me see this is as a sweet poem :)


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