Mar 31, 2013


Saurabh Chawla |

copycats data steal plagiarism banned
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From time to time, you crib
With no patience in your nature
Sometimes it tickles me in the rib
To see you let my work denature

You don't even have courage to contemplate
Nor you can imagine to that extent
With a life full of lies, you try to compensate
I want you to ask yourself, is that content?

Harmonizing to the tune of the vision
It is something very difficult to achieve
Unknowingly, you are accused of treason
It's up to you to believe or not to believe

Have you ever heard a word called credit?
I request you to do some research in this regard
Or at least grant us the permission to edit
Else, I am sorry to say that you will be barred!

This poem is dedicated to all the copycats on the internet. Let's stand together against this heinous crime and these criminals. Plagiarism has to be ended. My humble request to all fellow bloggers, please report it as soon you find it out, because delay in this matter will only lead to encouragement of the plagiarists.

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  1. Well thought and wonderfully composed!

    1. Thanks Amit sir. These people need to be barred!

  2. you can get inspired rather than copy and pretend it is your work.. well written, Saurabh.

  3. A relevant poem on one of the clawing menace bloggers face. I agree they should be barred! Very well written Saurabh :)

  4. wonderful !
    words I actually want to see
    It saddens me to see manyy plagiarists :( Not sure if my work is also copied

    1. thanks Afshan :) one way Saru told me is to copy your work and paste on google search to see if it is copied or not.

  5. I meant I actually wannt to say !!:)

  6. A nice take on the copycats. When will such people understand the gravity of plagiarism.

    1. i guess its time to apply Newtons third law to solve this issue. What you say? :)

  7. Shame on those people!! I felt really sad when I saw some of my poems copied :/

    Beautifully composed poem!

  8. Nice one. Hitting out at plagiarist in verse.


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